Reading Routine: Books, Reading Lounge and Snacks

Hello wonderful people and welcome back to another Saturday post; a different one than the ones you've been used to. For the past few months, Saturday posts were full of writing contests, books turned into movies or series, and lately book tags. But, I haven't talked about my reading routine yet; aka how I tend…

Loved By The Sea

A summer-ish, short story full of fantasy, Greek mythology and sea love!

FairyLoot Unboxing! July 2017: TRICKSTERS!

It is believed by some that hope brings eternal misery. I disagree! For when you’re sure about something and you have great expectations about it, you never get disappointed! Like the expectations I had for July’s box, TRICKSTERS, from the amazing, magical FairyLoot! And even if the Faes of the Unseelie Court tried to steal that very…

“I Am The Reader” BOOK TAG!

Hello awesome bookworms and welcome back to another book tag! As you probably read in a previous post book tags are kind of a thing in the BookTube community and I thought it would be super fun to bring some of them to the blogosphere, as well. Today’s post will revolve around the “I Am The…

BOOK REVIEW: The Night Circus. And it was all just a blur to me.

I've said it many times already, but one of the things that disturbs me the most is when a book is indifferent. I don't mind loved. I don't mind hated. Those are both intense feelings and I love them equally. But what I can't stand is when the plot, the characters and the development of…

15. Nightmare

“My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Half-way through “The Passion of Hate”, check out the 15th chapter of this WIP, cause it’s the last you’ll be able to read for a while!

July Favs

Hello wonderful people and welcome back to this hot, summer-ish, full of books and cupcakes blog-land; my Victorious Pages! I still can't believe there's only one month left till the summer officially comes to an end. But then again, August is traditionally my family's "holiday month" so I'm super excited to see what it has…

14. Bath Session

“Life gets better when you embrace your geekiness.”

Just do it, while reading the 14th chapter of “The Passion of Hate”!