A Novel Within A Dream

Have you ever seen a dream that was so vivid you thought you were actually living it? I’m not talking about the “Inception” kind of dream, but about this one which seems more like memories, buried deep inside your mind, almost forgotten because they’re too old to be recalled.

Well, that’s the kind of dream I had a few weeks ago and it’s been haunting me ever since!

For some reason I can’t truly explain, I found myself standing in a hospital, along with two other people. Maybe that happened because I spent too much time along with doctors, nurses and medical prescriptions lately and my subconscious wanted to process that situation somehow.

The thing though is that this particular hospital was more like a factory, with grey walls, huge machines nobody could tell what they were doing and halls. Big, endless and covered in silence halls.

Suddenly, there were people running all around the place and I lost my two companions. All I knew was that those “doctors” needed us, and more specifically our blood, to run some tests. But this was just the beginning.

I knew that something was terribly wrong. I could almost smell it in the air. That sickening smell of blood. It was everywhere. I realized that the blood tests were a big, fat lie. What those scientists truly wanted to do was to kill me and the other two people whowere with me.

Without any hesitation, I started running like a mad woman in those great halls, trying to find a door or at least a window to escape. It was hopeless. I realized that the only sources of light were those halogen lamps on the ceiling. No window. Now escape door. Nothing. 

As I was running, I slept and found myself lying on the floor of that sick “hospital”. I didn’t lose much time. I stood up quickly, only to realize that my left hand was covered with blood. But it didn’t matter. 

I kept running till I arrived at the ER section. I fell on a doctor who seemed shocked when he saw me standing alive in front of him. He said he would help me. A nurse came few seconds later, with all my personal belongings. She gave them to me and whispered “Run”!

A large group of people appeared out of nowhere and started running towards me. I was gasping for some air and yet I didn’t stop running till I thought they had lost me from their sight. I took the elevator, trying to go to the ground floor. And, what a surprise, it stopped. I started hiking down till I finally hit the ground. 

But still, those who wanted me dead were there, few feet away from me.

That was when I woke up! And few seconds later I decided to write everything down. 

Cause that would be a fantastic opportunity to create a whole new world, or even develop even further the one I’ve been working on lately. 

That dream had so many ups and downs, so much tension and action in it that the idea of making a novel out of that just popped inside my mind.

And before you read too much into that, yes, I am the same person who will say in future reviews that the Twilight novels were not so well written and the author claimed that the first glimpse of inspiration for that universe she created came because of a dream.

But, aren’t novels the dreams their authors have? I’m not saying “Don’t use your dreams”! On the contrary. I’m challenging you to make the best out of one of your dreams. Whether it’s a good one or, in my case, a nightmare.

Our brains function every single hour of every day! Use it to the fullest! Especially when a superbly vivid dream pops up from your subconscious. It doesn’t need to be a dream within a dream, where people are trying to plant new ideas to a man’s mind. It just has to be an extraordinary, yet unusual enough universe that you can use to create something awesome! 

And just a small piece of advice; use both sides of your brain! Be strategic, yet passionate. Analytic, yet yearning. Logical and yet, creative!

You are the masters of your mind. Control it! Don’t let it control you. And when that so common “writer’s block” comes in the way, remember why you started writing in the first place; it was because you wanted to bring your dreams to life! 

So use them! And the next time someone tells you it’s too weird or too ordinary or way out of what the market is looking for, don’t get discouraged! Just work harder and make them see your dream through your own eyes. Then they’ll understand.

As someone way more creative and authentic said before me, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”! That someone was Walt Disney! He wasn’t standing on the top of this creative world of animation right from the beginning. He worked hard to achieve all that! 

You can do it, too! Just believe!

And who knows…? Maybe one day you’ll think…

…because what you’re experiencing will be too extraordinary to believe that it’s true. And yet, it’ll be!


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