BOOK REVIEW: “The Burning Years” and my feeling that we’re about to face them!

Imagine a future, not quite distant, where Mother Nature is almost destroyed, where the air pollution is almost unbearable, where the sun is too hot for the humans and where the politicians care only for their personal gain and their survival. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s what I thought!


Set in the latter 21st century, The Burning Years is a novel that a couple of years ago would be considered as part of the science-fiction genre. Well, not anymore, at least according to me; because if we keep up neglecting our environment and using so recklessly our natural resources of energy, we’re gonna end just like the people in this novel, forced to move underground in order to survive.

Thankfully, a group of scientists is eager to attempt a very risky journey; some of them leaving in an underground colony, along with two trans-humans (a part-human, part-technologically advanced species), and some of them flying with a spaceship, called Persephone, to a nearby star. All of them however have the same goal; to save humanity. Though the question remains; is humanity ready to be saved? Or the time for its destruction has eventually come?


Although I claim to be more into the fantasy novels, rather than the science-fiction ones, The Burning Years, written by Felicity Harley, truly piqued my interest, especially because of those so vivid characters and the accuracy of the events that I’m afraid we, or those after us, are gonna face soon enough.

What’s more, the author presents in a very plain way matters such as science, biology, evolution and climate change. And when things get a bit messy for some readers like me, who detest physics, well… Hallelujah! There is a glossary, too! I adore those authors! For real!

Overall, this novel was easily read, with a very clear and unambiguous plot line. I also found quite clever the fact that the author gives to the reader a full background story of the main characters, something which explains their motives and actions later on.

In closure, I have to admit that I would gladly re-read this novel, since there are very few authors that engage with not so popular subjects, such as physics and biology, and yet they manage to make them look super cool, once combined with human relationships, ethics and the eternal question: humans’ destruction and humans’ salvation?


The Burning Years is a novel that will make you think twice of the damage we have caused and keep causing, after reading it! Which is why it must have a spot in your bookcase!

Till next time… Toodles!



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