Physical Books VS E-books VS Audio Books

Three friends met for coffee, a cool afternoon of April. All of them loved books. In different shapes though…

Vic: I just bought the most amazing book!

Lou: Which one?

Vic: The original screenplay of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by J.K. Rowling. It’s epic!

Katy: Can we see it?

Vic: Sure!

Vic takes her iPad out of her bag and opens the application where all her e-books were lying.

Lou: You bought an e-book? I can’t believe it!

Vic: Why? What’s wrong with e-books?

Lou: You can’t touch them, you can’t smell them, you don’t get the full essence of the story! Physical books on the other hand… They can give you that essence!

Katy: Sure… As long as you don’t fall asleep while reading and the physical book falls on your feet.

Lou: Do you fall asleep while reading?

Katy: Absolutely! All the time! That’s why I prefer audio books.

Lou: What’s wrong with you people?

Vic: We stay updated, I guess!

Katy: For real Lou. You could live in a library and don’t bother at all!

Lou: Is there anything more natural than to adore libraries and bookstores?

Vic: Well, I like the fact that I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want. And there are so many books that I can get for free on online libraries, iBooks, Amazon and sites like that.

Katy: I agree! Plus audiobooks do give you the essence and the feelings of the story through the narrator’s voice.

Lou: But you have your imagination as well. What if the narrator isn’t good enough?

Vic: That’s why the previews are for! Seriously Lou! It’s like you live in a different era!

Lou: I love tradition, what’s wrong with that?

Vic: I love it to, but I also don’t want my back to ache. Right now, I’ve got more that ten books with me and my bag is perfectly light.

Katy: And I’ve got more than twenty with me and I don’t even have a bag! It’s all here, in the iPod!

Lou stands up theatrically and stares down at her friends.

Lou: At times like that, I really wonder why we’re hanging out!

Katy: It’s because you get technological and librarian updates, all at the same time!

Vic: Plus, we get you at the best coffee spots in the entire city!


So… folks! What do you have to say on that subject? Do you prefer the real, physical books? Or are you more into the latest updates, with e-books and audio books?

There are no right and wrong answers. I love all three of them for different reasons.

Yes, I do have a huge collection of books, resting comfortably in my bookcase, but I also have plenty of e-books and a handful of audio books, as well.

E-books and audio books are quite handy while traveling or using the mass transit around the city. Physical books are for those evenings, when the weather is freezing cold and you’re lying on the bed, with a cup of hot chocolate next to you on the night table.

As for the audio books, I would definitely recommend them to those who want to actually hear the story. Not with the voice of their imagination, but with a real narrator’s voice!

They’re an extremely clever solution for the parents who want to make their kids love books. Not to mention that they’re absolutely perfect for people with dyslexia!

Everyone has a right in this magnificent world of books, whatever shape and form they have!

Spark D’ Ark knows that and she tries to satisfy every taste! You can follow that link to get a taste of the audio book she’s preparing for her first novel, “Janus Quadrifrons”! And for those of you who like e-books, follow that link to get your copy!

I can promise you, it’s something completely out of the ordinary!

P.S.: Do you own more physical, electronic or audio books? Which of those types do you prefer and why?

Till next time… Toodles!


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  1. Maggie says:

    I have always preferred physical books, and I don’t think that will ever change! I had a Kindle a few years ago and tried out e-books, and I just could not get into them; the magic of books for me is getting to hold them in my hands, not just seeing the words! I’ve only listened to one or two audiobooks in my life, and I actually LOVE them; I just don’t usually find any at my library that I’d enjoy listening to! But I should totally look for more!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My physical books are also much more than my audio and e-books. However, I find the last two quite handy since I can take them with me without having a bag that looks like the abyss!
      Still, I agree… the magic of physical books is irreplaceable!

      Liked by 1 person

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