Somethin’ Pumpkin This Way Comes!

Hello awesome people! Another beautiful week has started and as I understand, it is time to make it less blue and more red. 

Why red, you may ask? Well, we’re still on this “Happily Never After” theme, but don’t worry. This is the last published story on my account on Wattpad, which won the Halloween Contest “Ruined Childhoods”, hosted by Katrin Hollister and Christine Bottas.

Since you know the ritual by now, fasten your seatbelts folks! It’s gonna be a bumpy… ride!

Somethin’ Pumpkin This Way Comes

Emilie knew this day would be special. She could feel it in the air. She could smell it in the pumpkin pies that her father was baking this morning. This Halloween would be the best after many years. The best after her mother’s death. And she had Sage to thank for that.

She always loved that holiday! All the children dressed up, shouting “Trick or Treat” all around the neighborhood… It was definitely something that was creating optimism. And after a long time of pessimism and depression, her optimistic side had come back on the surface.

She walked down the staircase, which led from the attic where she and her father lived, to their bakery, “The Hot Muffin”, with the scent of the pumpkin all over the place. That smell was to die for!

It was six in the morning, yet they still had much work to do. More than fifty pumpkin pies were a bet, even for Emilie and her father.

“Good morning dad!” she said and gave him a kiss on his right cheek. He was covered in flour from head to toe.

“Hello, my little pumpkin,” her father said, still focusing on his job.

“Dad… it’s like you want to bake me! Especially today!” Emilie said and she gave her father a judging look.

They looked at each other for a second and they started laughing. Her father was rarely smiling, let alone laughed, so Emilie was always trying her best to boost his mood; even if her attempts were the lamest that existed in the world.

Without much more to say, they both focused on baking. The time was of the essence. All Hallows’ Eve was coming up and, aside from their regular customers who would come to buy a pumpkin pie, Emilie and her father were catering the High School’s “Bloodbath Ball”. She was sometimes thinking that there wasn’t anything scarier than a hungry teenager. And with that thought she put herself even deeper in flour and pumpkin pieces.

The time seemed to fly right in front of their eyes. Around eight o’clock, they had managed to bake eighteen out of twenty five pies. Nonetheless, the customers had started to arrive and Emilie and her father needed some serious help.

Without thinking about it twice, she called Sage, telling him to come straight at the bakery. Thank God he was on sabbatical. Actually, thank All Hallows’, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make it! Even if he was Emilie’s fiancé, he had responsibilities and obligations of his own.

An hour later, the “Hot Muffin” was filled with people, waiting to buy a pumpkin pie for their Halloween dinner parties. Emilie’s father was at the back of the bakery, surrounded by tones of ingredients and trying to deal with the limited time he had to finish his chores, while Emilie and Sage were at the front, serving customers.

The three of them made such a great team. So much that if somebody stared at Emilie and the men of her life for too long, they could feel that green monster of envy coming closer.

This is how Jordan, Emilie’s ex, felt when he entered the bakery. They knew each other since they were little and they dated for several years, until Emilie got sick and tired of his jealousy and his mood swings. She had gotten over him, but Jordan never did.

He was standing patiently in the line of the clients, waiting to come close enough to Emilie when he saw it. A princess cut diamond eternity ring, lying on the finger of her left hand. He froze right where he was standing. He knew she was seeing someone else, but apparently he hadn’t figured out how serious their relationship was.

How desperately he wanted to grab her hand and throw that ring away? How much he wanted to punch that bastard who stole Emilie from him? How could she choose that man instead of him? How could she choose anyone but him?

Instead of doing something he would regret later, he turned around and walked out of the “Hot Muffin”. But not as fast as he should have.

Emilie saw him pushing the front door violently. He hasn’t changed a bit, has he?, she wondered but tried to hide her anxiety and kept serving the clients.


Around 1pm, Emilie, her father and Sage had served each and every client, and they were now focusing on preparing everything for the “Bloodbath Ball”. There were still few customers coming in and out the “Hot Muffin”, but this morning’s madness was long gone.

As a result, Emilie and her father went once again at the back of the bakery and started preparing tonight’s menu. Twenty five new pumpkin pies, several red velvet, also called “bloody”, cakes, their wicked muffins filled with spider and bone candies, and of course Emilie’s specialty: apple frangipane tarts with caramel sauce and vanilla-strawberry ice-cream.

“Babe, these all seem delicious!” Sage said and picked a piece of the red velvet cakes.

“Thank you! But you’re supposed to help me get everything ready for the High School Ball, not eat the desserts,” Emilie replied.

“I’m just checking to see if they’re good enough! You don’t want to make a bad impression,” Sage said, while chewing a big piece of cake.

“Who’s making a bad impression now?” Emilie asked and threw a little flour on his face.

While the couple was goofing around, Emilie’s father had made himself comfortable on the little couch near the oven. The heat seemed like a lullaby to him. He was feeling really happy for his daughter’s luck. Sage would make a good husband some day and Emilie would not be alone when he’d be gone.

“Mark! A little help here, please!” Sage said, coughing flour all around the place.

“Oh, man. Don’t put me in the middle! I was dealing with her for twenty six years. It’s your turn now,” Emilie’s father said and smiled at his daughter.

“Precisely! Now come here and help me with the decorations,” Emilie said. Sage came next to her and squeezed her in his embrace, before returning back to work.


Emilie and Sage arrived at the High School at 7pm. The Ball would not start until 9pm, so they had plenty of time to prepare the gym’s hall and set the tables with the desserts.

Emilie had carefully put everything in the bakery’s red minivan. She was such a perfectionist and an organized person.

“Honey could you take the red velvet cakes, please?” she asked Sage. “I’ll take the baking sheet with the pumpkin pies.”, she went on.

“Yeah babe,” he replied and took the tray that Emilie gave him.

She took her tray and followed her fiancé inside the building. Why are they still doing their balls in the gym halls? They’re too depressing!, she said and moved closer to Sage.

He had already started setting the “bloody” cakes on a large table, which was placed next to the DJ’s set. Many more tables were at that side of the hall, all ready to receive what Emilie had prepared. The rest of the gym was a free space, where all those teenagers would soon be unleashed.

“I’m going to take the rest of the desserts.”, Sage said and he started walking towards the exit of the building.

Emilie caught a glimpse of him and continued her job. She wanted everything to be perfect for tonight. This was her chance to prove herself and evolve her father’s business.

While she was putting the pumpkin pies on the tables, she heard a knock on the door.

“Sage, come on! We’ve got lots to do!” she said and turned around.

She stood still. A tall man, dressed as a vampire. His skin was pale white. There was some red paint near his mouth. Red as blood. As he moved closer and the lights of the gym fell on his face, Emilie froze. It was Jordan.

“Am I too theatrical Em?” he whispered and moved closer to Emilie.

“What are you talking about? What are you doing here?” she mumbled.

“I came to see you. We didn’t have the chance to talk this morning. Your fiancé caused a problem for me. But he won’t do that anymore,” Jordan said. He was few steps away from Emilie right now.

“What the hell? What did you do?” she screamed.

“Nothing much. Let’s just say that your minivan is a little bit redder than it used to be,” he replied. A creepy smile covered his entire face.

“Freak!” Emilie yelled and started running towards the exit of the gym. But she didn’t get that far. Jordan grabbed her from her right hand and pulled her close to him.

“Did you really think it would be that easy Em? That I’d let you leave? Now that your precious man is out of the way?” he whispered inside her ear. “If I can’t have you, nobody can,” he went on.

Emilie was crying silently. She could smell his breath close to her skin. Whiskey and something else.

“Please, just let me go,” she cried.

“I’ll never leave you again Em,” Jordan said and he held her tightly.

She had to escape. She had to go to Sage, to see if he was ok. She couldn’t believe that Jordan would’ve hurt him. But then again… what if he had?

She only had one shot. She stepped on his foot angrily and hit him with her elbows on his ribs. Jordan gasped and his grip loosened. Emilie started running towards the tables. She grabbed the tray that still had some pumpkin pies on. The moment she turned around, she came face to face with Jordan. And she hit him with the tray on his head.

Dizzy as he was, he fell on the floor. There was pumpkin pie all around the gym. There were pieces of pumpkin on Emilie, as well. So much for a happy Halloween!, she thought and started running outside the gym.

There he was! Sage, lying on the ground, with a big cut on his forehead. There was blood on the minivan, too.

“Sage? Baby, can you hear me?” Emilie said nervously. There was no answer. “Sage?” she asked again and tears started running from her eyes. She tried to find his pulse. His heart was still beating, but his pulse was weak.

With shaky hands, she opened the door of the minivan and took her cell phone.

“911. What’s your emergency?” a rough voice said on the phone.

Emilie took a breath but before she could say a word, she felt her whole body being thrown on the minivan. Her cell fell off her hands. She hit her head on the van’s window and fell on the ground. She was breathing fast. She new who was the one that threw her on the van. But she was quite woozy to react. She turned her head on her right and waited for her end to come.

“I told you. If I can’t have you, no one can,” Jordan said and bent over her.

Emilie was feeling disgusted. If he wanted to torture her, he had already achieved it. She couldn’t stand looking at him. She couldn’t even stand feeling him that close to her. And then she saw it. She tried to reach it with her hand. It was almost next to her.

“You’re mine. Do you understand Em?” he said and came even closer.

“Yes. I do!” Emilie said and stabbed Jordan on his stomach viciously.

Jordan started stumbling. Pure, red blood was covering his white shirt. He definitely seemed like a vampire now. He fell on his knees, right next to Emilie.

Adrenaline was rushing through her veins. She couldn’t say what was true and what wasn’t. Was it true that she heard an ambulance’s siren echoing closer and closer to them? Was it true that she was holding a silver knife in her hand, covered with Jordan’s blood?

All she could say for certain was that there were three bodies on the ground. Blood and pumpkin all around. On All Hallows’ Eve.

© Victoria Moschou. All Rights Reserved 2016-2017.

So… what do you think? Did you enjoy this twisted version of typical children’s themes? After all, holidays, classic fairytales, toys and activities are basically stuff where children thrive. I simply mixed them up a little, so that grown ups can read them as well. Not that they can’t read real fairytales, but anyway…

Let me know what you think by commenting below!

Also, if you really enjoyed this story, spread the word, so your friends can read it, too!

Till next time… Toodles!


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