Once Upon A New Moon

Hello beautiful people! 

Spring is here, at last, so, how about welcome it with an amazing story? I see that you agree. So, sit comfortably and enjoy what’s about to appear in front of your eyes in 3… 2… 1… Let’s go!


Once Upon A New Moon

She woke up abruptly that morning. There was sweat all over the sheets. She could remember clearly last night’s dream. She was running in the park that there was right in front of her house. There were rocks and dead leaves all over the path that led to the clearing. The trees seemed frightening as they created shadows here and there under the moonlight. Like they wanted to consume her. But why would they possibly want to hurt her? She wasn’t the one that they should be scared of. Because there was someone else in the park, as well.

The predator. If she managed to catch her, she’d be dead. Because by catching her, she’d find out who she was, too. Her lungs were hurting. Nonetheless, she kept running towards the clearing. It was her only chance to save herself. She was only a few feet away from it when she felt the predator behind her. A strong hand caught her leg and she fell on the ground. She turned around, staring at her sharp teeth, the flames on her face and her hair. The next moment… She was awake.

It was six o’clock in the morning. She had to be at “Myths and Legends” by seven. Otherwise, she would have to deal with her aunt; the owner of the company. Being a CEO wan’t as glamorous as it seemed at the end of the day. Even if she was the CEO of a multinational of cosmetics; she was the first one in and the last one out of that building. But she couldn’t do that today. There was a new moon coming up tonight.

She got out of the bed and went straight in the bathroom. A cool shower would calm her. She was really on edge today. A new moon again. Ever since she turned fifteen, she hated that day of the month. It’s been like that for fifteen years now. However, it hadn’t turned any easier. On the contrary… it was getting harder and harder every month.

She finished my shower quickly. Time was of the essence today. She couldn’t waste any minute of it. She hurried to go into the kitchen and get her coffee ready. In the meantime, she started getting dressed. A blue dress and black high heels were perfect for today. She put her red lipstick on and stared at her blond, long hair for a moment. This was as good as it could possibly be.

She got her briefcase, her cell phone, her keys and her thermos filled with coffee, and she exited the apartment. At the sight of the park, her heart started beating a bit faster. But she didn’t have much time to worry about that. It already was half past six. She couldn’t be late. Not today of all days.


“Myths and Legends” was two blocks away from her house. At that hour of the day, it was taking her ten minutes to get at the company on foot. Pretty much everyone in the city was still sleeping. Well, except the bakers and the owners of the coffee shops downtown.

She took a sip of coffee. She was still feeling quite sleepy and woozy. As a result, she didn’t pay attention to the man that was coming from the opposite direction until it was too late. Her briefcase was lying on the street, with pieces of paper and documents all around.

She was about to get pissed off. But then she saw him. Black her, blue eyes. Tall and muscular. The exact opposite of her.

“Oh, my bad. Let me help you with those.”, he said, and the next moment he was literally lying in front of her feet.

“No, please! It’s not that big of a deal.”, she said while she was gathering her documents and putting them back in order again.

“At least let me buy you a coffee. It is the least I can do for delaying you.”, the blond hottie replied.

“Trust me, I have too much coffee with me to drink and I’ll probably explode by the end of the day.”, she said, thinking about tonight.

“Tomorrow then. I’m Josh, by the way.”, he went on.

“Freya…”, she replied and she stood up. They were face to face again.

“Tomorrow then?”, he asked.

“Ok, fine.”, she said. What could possibly happen over night?, she wondered.

“I’ll meet you here, at ten o’clock.”, he replied.

“Just try not to make me drop something again.”, she said and she ran towards the crossroad.


She was at the company at seven o’clock sharp. Her aunt didn’t seem to be anywhere around there. That would give her plenty of time to refresh her memory for today’s presentation. That woman always wanted to see numbers, although she couldn’t understand their meaning. Freya went straight at the presentations’ room and got everything ready. Either her aunt would love it or she’d hate it.

“I can see that you remain punctual, even after all that success.”, she heard a shrill voice behind her. She turned around and saw her aunt standing at the door.

“Good morning Diana. It’s a big day today for everyone. I couldn’t be late.”, she replied.

“Unfortunately dear, it’s not.”, she said.

“What do you mean?”, Freya asked, feeling confused. Did she mess up the dates?

“I guess you must prepare for tomorrow. The investors changed the date of the presentation.”, she replied. She could see how perky she looked while she was saying that.

“But tomorrow is Saturday.”, Freya said. She knew exactly what her aunt would say next.

“If you don’t like being a CEO, you can always quit.”, she replied.

“No, Diana. I’ll be here tomorrow at seven am sharp. I’ll change my schedule, don’t worry.”, she said.

“You do that! It’s just a small change. It won’t hurt anybody.”, she replied and she went to her office, leaving her in the presentations’ room alone.

So much for rescheduling that coffee, she whispered inside her mind.


Although the presentation didn’t take place today, the day at the office was still exhausting. In addition to what she would have to face again tonight, her mental strength started to eliminate. So she truly felt relieved when everyone called it off for the day at seven in the afternoon. That would provide her with plenty of time to return home, since she’d have to leave again at nine. The new moon was going to happen at ten past nine.

Nobody should see her tonight. She’d be dead if someone did. Actually, she’d be dead anyway if the dream she saw last night was some sort of premonition and came to life. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time. She didn’t know who she was, but she knew she wanted her dead. And she was trying to kill her for the last couple of months.

Freya left from “Myths and Legends” at half past seven and started walking back home. It was obvious that spring had come. Every flower and tree had blossomed. Their sweet smell was everywhere in the air, accompanying her back home. It was like peacefulness was running through her veins. Till she arrived across the park.

“Fancy running into you again!”, she heard an oddly familiar voice say from across the street.

She froze up. This morning’s briefcase hottie, Josh, was standing right outside the park. He was standing right across her house. What the hell?, she wondered.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t run over me.”, she said in an attempt to defuse the tension she was feeling.

“So this will haunt me forever, won’t it?”, he said and he smiled, while he was coming closer.

“Of course not. As long as it won’t happen again.”, Freya replied, smiling back at him. That man was totally handsome. Yet, it was kind of creepy to meet him twice in one day. Especially that day of all days.

“So, is it a date? Tomorrow at ten?”, he asked. Freya could feel the anticipation in his tone.

“About tomorrow…”, she started saying. “Something came up at work and I can’t make it.”

“What about tonight then?”, he asked. Crap, she thought.

“I’m sorry, but I’m tired. Can we reschedule it for tomorrow at six in the evening?”, she asked.

“Listen, I don’t want to intrude if there’s something else going on.”, he said.

“Oh, no. There’s nothing going on.”, she replied. “So, tomorrow at six?”, Freya asked.

“Yes. Tomorrow at six.”, he said, and a huge smile covered his face. She saw him moving towards the park, hoping that he wouldn’t stay there for long. It was almost eight o’clock.


Freya got in her apartment. She hadn’t noticed how messy the place was. She was in such a hurry this morning. Not that she wasn’t right now. She took her high heels and her dress off. She wouldn’t need them in the park. She caught my hair up in a ponytail and wore her black shorts and a white blouse. Her running shoes were right next to the door. She put them on and left her apartment. Nobody would pay much attention to a woman who had gone in the park for jogging.

It was almost nine o’clock and she still hadn’t arrived at the clearing. She kept running though, since she didn’t want to cross paths with someone from the neighborhood. It was more than enough that the park seemed quite crowded this evening. Thankfully, no one was going that deep inside it, for some inexplicable reason.

It took her five more minutes to arrive at the clearing. She stared at the sky. The dark side of the moon would bring back in the surface the other half of her. Freya started taking her clothes and shoes off. An instant later, the familiar sensation of moon dust that was falling from the sky took over her body. In the darkest of nights, those little sparkles were the only source of light. That was when she started transforming. Four strong legs, white fur, blue eyes and a huge horn right above them. For lack of a better term, she had turned into a unicorn. Yet again.

Her senses heightened. She could feel the grass, the roots of the trees, the evening dew and every little rock right under her paws. She could hear every bird and animal that was there that night. And she could smell everything. The smell of the flowers, the fuels of the city and something else. Something that seemed like fire and decomposition.

Freya heard something like a crack near the clearing. She knew it was the predator before she could actually see her. That woman who could transform from a beautiful human being into a monster with sharp teeth, flaming hair and bat wings. She was tall, with one bronze leg and one goat leg, something that made her seem even creepier than she already was.

Freya was about to start running because she knew what she wanted; she wanted to kill her and take the moon dust that her horn contained. But then she heard something else. Something that sent shivers down her spine.

“What the hell are you?”, she heard Josh say. She couldn’t possibly know whether he was referring to her or Empusa. But she was about to find out soon enough.

“Well, that evening keeps becoming better and better…”, she said. “Not only I’ll finally kill her, but I will also feed on you.”, she whispered.

Instead of moving towards her salvation, Freya started running towards Josh. Either she would save him, or they’d both end up dead.

Empusa was standing right next to Josh, ready to bite him with her sharp teeth and drain him off of his blood. Her burning hair and her fangs were sending a pretty clear message; death. She caught his neck and pushed him on a tree. She could hear Josh’s heartbeat clear and fast. Little drops of sweat were falling from his forehead into his eyes. She just couldn’t let him die. Not like that!

Freya ran towards them and hit Empusa’s hand with her horn. She didn’t expect that at all, after all those months that Freya was running for my life. She left Josh and made a step back. There was barely a scratch on her hand.

“So, the unicorn revealed its teeth? This is hilarious the least!”, she said.

Josh was shaking on the trunk of the tree. But he didn’t leave the clearing. What’s wrong with him?, Freya thought. She stood still, trying to measure what Empusa would do next. She moved towards her with her creepy legs echoing inside the park. She seemed so sure of herself, like she could effortlessly catch Freya. That was exactly what she needed. She ran fast and hit her in her throat. Empusa gasped and cursed, as she staggered.

Freya was right next to Josh. She pointed with her paw an edgy log, hoping that he would understand what she was trying to say; or actually show. And he did. He took the log into his hand and moved towards Empusa. But she was faster than him. She got Freya from behind, breaking her ribs.

Freya instantly fell on the ground, ready to accept her coming death. Empusa came over her and she caught my horn inside her hands. That’s what she wanted from the beginning. That’s why she was haunting Freya those past few months. She wanted the moon dust. She needed the moon dust. How else could she gain her immortality back?

Freya’s ribs and her horn were hurting. Empusa was ready to rip Freya’s horn out. Suddenly, her grip softened and in her dizziness, Freya managed to see the log coming out of her chest.

Empusa turned around, hurt and woozy, and grabbed Josh from his neck. She was hurt, but still she had enough power to kill a human. Josh couldn’t make a move. Empusa drove her nails into his throat and an instant later, she cut his head off. Pure blood started covering the clearing.

Powerless as she was because of her wound, Empusa fell next to Freya on the ground and she started to transform. At first slowly and then faster. She turned into a beautiful woman. She turned into Freya’s aunt, Diana. And an instant later she burst into flames.

That was when Freya lost consciousness,too. Death had come.

© Victoria Moschou. All Rights Reserved 2016-2017.

I know what you’re thinking… Dark stories, no happy endings… Do I need to remind you that in the original Grimm fairytales it was the mother of Hansel and Grethel the one who abandoned the children into the woods because she didn’t have sufficient money to bring them up? Or that in Cinderella, her stepmother ordered her daughters to cut their toes and their heels so that the glass slipper could fit? Or even that in Snow White, the stepmother was actually the victim?


Not all fairytales end up happily ever after dearies. Not even the famous ones; because some of them used to be true events and stories.

Think about it…

Till next time… Toodles!


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