Epic Villains, Snow and Ice

I was wondering the other day if the theme of my WIPs has affected the way I look at certain types of characters; whether I prefer darker stories rather than sweet and happy ones.

But then I remembered that there are plenty of people like me out there. So, I decided to ask you guys…

Do you like happy endings or ruins along the way don’t bother you? Do you prefer something supernatural or you wanna have your feet stuck on the ground? Do you prefer heroes or villains?

Although, to have a hero, you need a villain!

Someone who will make the journey till that “happily ever after” epic! That’s why I think that villains are simply misunderstood people. And that’s why I find them way more fascinating sometimes than the heroes.

Because heroes have it the easy way. Everyone is supporting them, encouraging them, helping them make the right decisions! But the villains… They have nobody! Well, except perhaps their minions.

But what if the villain had someone to support and encourage them, as well? What if the villain had someone who would help them make the right choice. Well, as right as a villain’s choice could possibly be.

Careful folks! I’m not saying that villains can turn into heroes! I’m just saying that not everything is black and white in this world. There’s a lot of grey, too. Fifty shades of it, to be exact!

And if a hero can make some wrong moves, so can the villain make some right ones!

Take Jadis, for instance. The White Witch! She was ruling Narnia for over a hundred years! A hundred years of winter, but still she was a queen for over a century. Which means she was doing something right. And apparently, she was doing something right while she was the Queen of Charn, too!

Yes, she grew up to be cruel and arrogant and mean, but she wasn’t always like that. As heroes weren’t always noble and kind and selfless! They just chose to be like that. Because somebody showed them the way.

The White Witch chose power over nobleness, strength over kindness, and wrong over right. And she ended up to pay for that!

As did the Snow Queen, the original version of Jadis. She wanted to rule the world and she failed. Because she did something that wasn’t quite right!

It is our choices that turn us into what we end up to become! Our choices and those who influence us.

We all need to understand that fairytales exist in order to teach us values, to make us see what’s right and what is wrong. And that’s why it is so obvious who is the hero and who’s the villain.

But in real life, you can’t just say that Mary-Margaret is a hero and Regina is a villain. You can’t say that someone is purely good or bad; because there are good and bad characteristics inside each and every one of us! And we have to learn to live with them. We have to embrace them both and just make a choice; do we want our good characteristics to flourish or do we want our bad ones to consume us?

I can start narrating a story like that…

…to make you feel intrigued, but how the story goes on, well that’s up to me and the choices I’ll make along the way!

I won’t be a hero, but I won’t be a villain either. I’ll be somewhere in between. And that’s where we all are.

Because once upon a time it was now, sometime in the past, and since we know that fairytales aren’t actually real, so can’t be real heroes and villains.

There are just humans who make primarily good choices, and others who choose the not-so-good ones.

With whom do you wanna be?

P.S.: Do you believe that villains may be misunderstood? Would you choose to act more like a hero or a villain?

Till next time… Toodles!



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  1. Maggie says:

    Villains are definitely misunderstood. I often find myself preferring the villain of a story over the hero … Loki, Smaug, Malfoy … I just can’t help it; they always have more depth than the heros! Although, some of the evil deeds villains commit are rather disturbing … but like I said, they’re almost always more interesting than the heros. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting definitely! But there are some villains who are by definition bad! Most of the times though, a villain in a story is the person who mixed up everything inside their mind, being left all alone by those who claimed they would help.
      And sure, they have depth too, but there are many heroes with whom you can relate! 😁😉


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