BOOK REVIEW: These violent delights, have violent ends…

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed reading my individual short stories, from my collection “Happily Never After”, as well as the first chapter of my main WIP, “The Passion of Hate”, which can be both found on Wattpad, too.

And now, if you came here to read another review about “Romeo and Juliet”, written by none other than THE magnificent Shakespeare, sorry to disappoint you guys. It’s just that the title of this post is kind of misleading.

Today we’re going to talk about the novel “Juliet”, written by Anne Fortier and published by Ballantine Books of Random House; some sort of fanfiction based on “Romeo and Juliet”. 

Great? Nah… not so much!

At first, I thought that “Juliet” was some kind of historical novel, based on “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Thirteenth Tale” and “The Birth of Venus”. As I started reading the book though, my opinion on that subject changed completely!

“Juliet” follows a young, American woman, named Julie (G, what a surprise), who discovers that her family’s origins lead back to those star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

When Julie finds out that her aunt has passed away and she has left her entire estate to her twin sister, Julie is crashed. The only thing that Julie receives is a key to a safety-deposit box in Siena, Italy.

And this is where Julie’s adventure begins.

When she arrives in Italy, Julie finds out info about her ancestor’s, Giulietta Tolomei, troubled past. Giulietta had fallen in love with a young man, named Romeo, but her parents were completely against that love story.

As Julie delves deeper into that love story, she realizes that it’s hard to tell present and past apart, and that there’s still a curse at work. She also fears that she may be its next target.

But what if there is her own Romeo, who will save her from that curse?

Ok, let me tell that straight; I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. This book was somewhere in the middle of those two emotions, which made it dull and indifferent.

It was truly confusing to get along with what the characters wanted to do, when they had flashbacks, when they were talking and when they were thinking.

At the second half of the novel, there was more action, that is for certain, but everything happened so quickly that it seemed like the author wanted to get it over with. I mean, I know that we’re talking about the “Romeo and Juliet” kind of love, but that tragedy made us cry; this love story made me wonder “When did they have the time to actually fall in love”?

I suppose that “Juliet” love story seems epic in the eyes of the girl who fell for Edward Cullen and Christian Grey, but for the rest of us, I think that a love story needs something more than a not-so-well installed curse to make us “buy” the whole romance!

According to me, this is the weakest point of that novel; the fact that everything was revolving around some sort of curse, which wasn’t actually strong enough!

The only reason I read this book was because of its references on Romeo and Juliet; the original star-crossed lovers. What can I say? I was misled! Just like you were, when you read the title of this post.

It’s all about marketing folks!

However, since I don’t want to impose my opinion on you, you can follow that link or this one to find out more about this novel and the rest of Anne Fortier’s books.

If you have read “Juliet”, I’d really like to know what you think of that novel, so please write your opinion on the comment section below. Furthermore, I’d like to know if you have read “Romeo and Juliet” or any other fanfics based on that love story. More importantly, are they better than the original? I don’t think so…

Till next time… Toodles!


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