April Favs

Hello awesome creatures! I’m glad you’re back, willing to read another one of my posts, this time about my favourite things, tastes, drinks, moments, memories etc. of the fourth month of 2017. So, I’d suggest you sit comfortably, because this post is going to be a long one!


This year, April started like it does for many people around the globe; fooling with them! I mean, come on! When I was saying on April Fools Day that I got sick, nobody seemed to believe me! Yet, I spent the first weekend of this month in bed, drinking tea and watching movies. The best one of them all was TinkerBell and the Pirate Fairy. I wonder what took me so long to find this one! I mean, I love Disney’s movies, don’t you?


So, if you haven’t watched that movie yet, I’d advise you to watch! Soon! Especially since it hit an 80% in the Tomatometer of the Rotten Tomatoes! Those people there are so hard to please! Tough crowd, I suppose. Maybe they were charmed from the fairy dust. Who knows?

Nonetheless, this was just the first couple of April’s days. My cousin came from Germany for the Easter holidays, so we organised a small, family reunion, full of sea food, sweets, laughter and music. Of course, I baked individual, molten, red velvet cakes which were to die for! Just take a look…


What can I say? We’re Greeks; I guess that explains why we love good food and cosy, family moments!

And after a tasty meal and some quality time with the people you love, what’s cosier than reading a good book? Well, to be exact, three good books! Oh yes, I admit it; I’m a bookworm!

Beauty and The Beast: Lost in a Book, mentioned in last month’s favsThe SelectionThe Elite and The One, written by Kiera Cass, and A Court of Thorns and Roses, written by Sarah J. Maas. There will be book reviews for each and every one of them, so stay tuned folks!

I said there’s nothing cosier than reading a book, right? Well, scratch that last; there is! And that is using the cosmetic products of Natura Siberica! I wasn’t familiar with this cosmetics company and its products, but this month I found out that it literally has everything! Natural, biological and organic face creams, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hand and foot creams, soaps… I feel in love with them all! If you are between those very few who don’t know this company, you ought to try its products at least once! Trust me!


I felt way better after a relaxing shower! Not to mention that, since the Easter Holidays were two weeks long, I had time to recharge my batteries, finish my MBA essays, spend time with my family and friends, some of them at least, and of course do some more stuff with my boyfriend, now that we didn’t have too many responsibilities.

One of those stuff is that I’m trying to persuade him to do some yoga with me, while he’s trying to teach me kung fu. We’re both hilarious when trying to do one another’s kind of training!


So, when that doesn’t work out eventually, we rest on the couch, watching series on our MacBook. Thankfully, the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars have officially aired and after 7 years, we’re gonna find out who A is! WooHoo!

And even though I know who is in the books series, I can’t imagine who might be the master mind of all that torment in the TV series. Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share? I still suspect that Wren has something to do with all that. After seven long years, it’s getting a bit tiring to keep guessing who is the ultimate bad guy! Give us some answers people! We need to know!

Sometimes I even think that A is playing with me too; because it has to be some kind of sick joke to spend the afternoon of Easter with your parents at the local hospital, just because the cat got loony and bit your mother! Especially after such a tasty Easter meal!

This was one of the not so favourite moments of the month but thankfully, everything turned out all right! I thought I’d get used to it by now (having that kind of adventures during national holidays and such) but it is always equally disturbing the least!

Overall though, this year’s Easter was better than the last that my father had an arthroscopy. I could write a book full of my family’s and my medical adventures!

Anyways… How was your April folks? I hope it treated you with kindness and love! And if not, May is coming, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities for an even better month! I know I will!

Till next time… Toodles!


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  1. Jirah Merizz says:

    Ahhh that red velvet cake loooks so yummyy!!! 😋 I’m inlove with red velvet cakes ❤


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them too! Red velvet cakes and cappuccinos! 🍰☕️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jirah Merizz says:

        AHH I’m obsessed with cappuccinos too!! 😋❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There will be a post regarding coffee, my love for it and the effects of its lack! Stay tuned! 😉☕️


      3. Jirah Merizz says:

        Yay I can’t wait for it!! x

        Liked by 1 person

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