6. Awkwardness

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Read the sixth chapter of “The Passion of Hate”, for instance.

FanFiction, Love Stories and How to Unhook a Bra

*DISCLAIMER! THIS POST COULD BE RATED R!* A few months ago, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight “Saga” was reimagined and the author re-wrote the world she had created herself. It was like she was actually showing us that this universe wasn’t good enough and she had to change things to improve it. Well, imagine now two more…


Almost a couple of months ago, a friend of mine told me that YA is my tribe, the genre that suits me the most. I truly see what she means every time I read a good, young adult novel. Like The Elite, by Kiera Cass, for instance. It is the second instalment of the Selection best-selling series,…

5. Arrivals

“All human life can be found in an airport.”

And in the fifth chapter of “The Passion of Hate”!

Writing Contests

Hello everyone and welcome back to Victorious Land! I know I haven’t posted anything yet about writing contests, but this is about to change pretty soon! Today, you’re gonna read some pretty cool writing contest for the summer months of 2017. So, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time if you eventually decide to participate….

BOOK REVIEW: The Selection

Come on now, folks. Let’s admit it; every girl has dreamed at least once in her life how different her life would’ve been if she was a Princess. How much her everyday routine would change, how many people would run around her like lost puppies to please her, how tasty the food on her table…

4. Subconscious Cruelty

Like Walt Disney said, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”.

The fourth chapter from my WIP, “The Passion of Hate”.

My Handbag Seems Like An Abyss!

This is the problem every woman faces; what happens when you have too many things inside your handbag and it turns out to look like the abyss itself? The biggest problem though comes when you have too many handbags and you’re searching for specific things inside the wrong handbag. Just take a look a this! And this!…

Could an Instrument be Mortal?

Since the fans of the “Shadowhunters” series are counting down the days for the premiere of the second part of the second season, I thought it would be nice to remember the story of Clary and Jace and their adventures to save the Mortal Cup from Valentine. “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” is the first novel…

BOOK REVIEW: Goblins, Poems and A Garden

It is a fact that when you know personally an author, you read their piece of art in a completely different way. It’s like you can hear their voice narrating the story. Or in this case and today’s review, you can hear them recite their poems clearly. At least, that’s how I felt when I…

3. You’ve got e-mail

“Don’t use big words, they mean so little.”

“The Passion of Hate”, Chapter 3.

For whom the bell tolls?

Hi everyone! It’s been a long week and not an easy one, I may add. My car broke down twice, so I had to use mass transit, I was searching day and night about similar papers that I can use in order to perfect my semester assignments, I had to deal with freaking crazy customers…