FanFiction, Love Stories and How to Unhook a Bra


A few months ago, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight “Saga” was reimagined and the author re-wrote the world she had created herself. It was like she was actually showing us that this universe wasn’t good enough and she had to change things to improve it.

Well, imagine now two more universes like that, minus the vamps and the wolves.

Exactly! Not such a good idea!

I know that there are women out there who want that epic romance and a gorgeous, but a little dangerous man, who will not be “the right kind of man for them” in the beginning and eventually he will deflower them. How more predictable today’s romantic novels can get? Not all women act like nymphomaniacs, nor they seek desperately for the love of their life!

So, why do “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Gabriel’s Inferno” try to prove otherwise? And yes, I know the last couple of reviews showed you that I like romantic novels, but they had something to prove; those two I just mentioned, on the other hand, not so much!

Both of these novels are stories based on what Stephanie Meyer first wrote, aka fanfics. And they both could be great. But they weren’t. At least for me…

On the one hand, “Fifty Shades of Grey” tries to prove that it is truly beautiful to have a relationship with someone who likes BDSM, if that someone is a millionaire who owns his own company.  And what’s more, that someone can undo a bra faster than any woman.

Newsflash boys! You need years and years of practice to become half as fast as we are when unhooking a bra.

By the time you are as fast as women, you’ll probably don’t have the strength to do what’s after the unhooking. So, give me a break.

On the other hand, “Gabriel’s Inferno”, although it is much more realistic, at least to some extend, it presents a paradox. The way more mature for her age woman who, however, is still in love with her teenage sweetheart.

Newsflash again! Nobody, and I mean that, NOBODY stays for ever in love with their teenage years’ sweetheart. Aside from our grandparents maybe. But they got married at 19 or 20 years old, tops, so how would they know?

This book’s protagonist is 25 years old, if I remember correctly, and she is in love with her professor, who she knows since she was a teenager.

Wake up girl! This is the real world!

Your professor, especially if he’s someone like Gabriel, wouldn’t give a crap about how you felt when you were 17. He wouldn’t even remember you.

And you, author out there who might read this, stop writing over and over again like we live in the 14th century and every lady needs a man to save her and protect her. Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little!

It is way more beautiful to write about an everyday love story, with all the ups and downs it possibly has. It’s much more realistic, much more sensitive and, most importantly, much more up-to-date!

If you can’t do that, fine! We can undo our bras on our own, thank you!

Of course, who am I to know what is up-to-date, what is fresh, what is original? I mean, I am writing about wolves and vicious faes and assassins, and I combine all that. And there are family bonds, too, but not too much romance and not as many bloody scenes as some would want.

It is up to the author what is brought to the table. Still, the idea of an abusing relationship has got old. It was always old, at least for me.

Forcing the audience and the readers to accept it won’t end up well. Just saying…

Till next time… Toodles!

P.S.1: How do YOU undo a bra? Do you have to turn it around so you can unhook it or you can do it blindfolded, as well? Is it worth mentioning in a love story?

P.S.2: My Mac’s autocorrect keeps changing “toodles” to “noodles”. Enough already!


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