My Favourite Monthly Subscription Boxes and Their Bookish Goodies!

Hello wonderful creatures and welcome back to my blog-house!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer vacation, well at least those of you who live above the equator! As for the rest of you, who are about to welcome winter back, well that’s all right, too! You’ll get the chance to relax under your quilts and read superbly awesome books, drinking hot chocolate, coffee or tea; whatever suits you the most.


However, I’m enjoying my ice-tea right now, checking my TBR list. And that’s why today I’m gonna present to you my favourite monthly subscription boxes, focusing on YA literature, and the rest of the goodies they contain!

So, sit comfortably because this post is going to be a big one! And here it goes…

1. FairyLoot: The first, and probably my favourite, monthly subscription box is FairyLoot, which was created by Anissa and her partner Michael, in 2016. It was their passion for reading YA novels that led them to create this amazing subscription box, full of bookish items, new releases and a touch of fairy dust! FairyLoot focuses exclusively on  fantasy and their novels are all Young Adult or Young Adult crossovers. There are several subscription plans; monthly subscription, 3 month prepaid subscription and 6 month prepaid subscription. The thing I love the most is that FairyLoot is probably the only subscription box that has the option of single purchase, as well. July’s theme is “Tricksters” and if you hurry, you may be able to grab your box, too!

2. BookLoot: The same philosophy as FairyLoot follows BookLoot, the monthly subscription box, created by Sara and Eugene, husband and wife super duo. Along with their daughter, Violet, their inspiration and Mini-BookLooter in training, they have created a subscription box containing every month a newly released YA novel (published within the month) and three to five bookish goodies, which can be anything from candles, pendants, bookmarks etc. BookLoot also provides a variety of subscription plans; monthly, 3 month prepaid, 6 month prepaid and 12 month prepaid subscription. The thing I love the most about this particular subscription box is that it also contains a BookLoot exclusive Short Story from their very own users submitted stories. Which is great, considering that there are so many aspiring (and yet not so popular or famous yet) authors out there.


3. OwlCrate: Coming up to the third monthly subscription box of this post, OwlCrate is the choice I’d personally recommend to couples who love reading. Not only every single box includes a brand new young adult novel, 3-5 high quality bookish items, as well as exclusive goodies from the author, but also OwlCrate provides a middle-grade box for readers aged 8-12. So, if you’re parents reading this right now and your kids love reading as well, this is the subscription box that suits you! Again, OwlCrate provides different subscription plans (monthly, 3 month prepaid and 6 month prepaid). You can check for more information and prices following the link provided above.

4. UnicornCrate: My latest discovery that became one of my favourite monthly subscription boxes is UnicornCrate, a box that contains both beauty/lifestyle goodies and books. Because unicorns love to read and pamper themselves; don’t tell me you didn’t know that? Once again, UnicornCrate provides a variety of subscription plans for you to choose (monthly, 3 month prepaid and 6 month prepaid subscription). Also, you can subscribe either solely for the beauty/lifestyle box, the YA Fantasy Book box, or a combination of the two, which, according to me, is super, super exciting! Moreover, UnicornCrate, like FairyLoot, provides single purchase options, so you can skip one month’s theme if you don’t like it. However, July’s theme is “The Magical & Mysterious” and I honestly wonder why you’re still here reading all this and you haven’t followed the link I gave you yet. Last but not least, I ADORE UnicornCrate’s moto: “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” ― Roald Dahl


So, these are my favourite monthly subscription book boxes. Of course, there are plenty more out there, such as the YA Chronicles for instance, but I live in Europe and that particular subscription box probably suits more my Australian friends.

Nonetheless, each one of them is made with passion and love, and I can assure you you’re gonna love each and every one of them if you decide to purchase.

Speaking of which, have you subscribed to any monthly book box? Do you enjoy the bookish items? Are the novels worth waiting for?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Once again, thank you for being here! I most certainly don’t take it for granted!

Till next time… Toodles!


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  1. Maggie says:

    All subscription boxes should have a one-time option, honestly! 😂 it would give anyone interested a chance to see if they’d like it enough to spend money on it monthly. Those all sound so awesome!! I’m definitely looking up BookLoot 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right! They should have single purchase options! That’s why I love FairyLoot! Although I’m thinking about 3-month-prepaid. BookLoot on the other hand offers opportunities to new writers and this is quite remarkable, too! You should check it! They have pretty nice goodies! 😉😁


    1. You’re very welcome! 🤗☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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