9. Strange Feelings

“I, who had turned into stone because of pain.”
~Kostas Karyotakis

I had started breathing faster. My hands and legs were trembling. I was certain that he no more had power over me, but for a moment I lost control. And I let myself enjoy that familiar touch. Those black eyes that were fiercely staring at me, full of promises. Promises…

That thought brought me abruptly back to reality. I remembered that everything he had told me were just promises, empty words and no actions. I felt petrified under his hands and pulled my face away from his. A few seconds earlier, we were about to kiss.

“Get your hands off of me,” I told him vaguely.

“You didn’t seem to want that before Brownie,” Michael said, smiling at me and he tried to pull me back in his embrace.

“Maybe you didn’t read the signs correctly,” I replied angrily and when his hold loosened, I managed to pull myself away from him.

“And what signs exactly did you show me? That you couldn’t even speak when you saw me? Or that you were about to kiss me?” he asked, looking at me sneakily.

“I lost my words because I can’t believe how cheeky you are. But to kiss you? Please! You pulled me close to you. You still are so full of yourself. Even after everything you’ve done,” I replied drily.

“And what have I done exactly?” Michael asked me. He’s definitely a fragmented personality, I thought.

“Your cuckoldry doesn’t count for anything? The fact that we seemed to be on and off all the time doesn’t count for anything either? Not to mention that we broke up and you have come back like nothing has changed,” I lashed out.

“What cuckoldry are you talking about? And we haven’t broken up. Not until I say so,” he answered.

“Oh, you’re so full of shit! Who do you think you are? And who do you think I am?” I asked, feeling furious.

“You’re still my girlfriend,” he simply said.

When he was talking so naturally, like we had the most amazing and normal relationship in the whole world and we hadn’t broken up a billion times, I really wanted to kick his ass. A few seconds later though, the fact that I seemed extremely small in front of him came to mind. So, I simply moved away from him and started walking towards my car.

“Where do you think you’re going? We haven’t finished yet,” he said sharply.

“Oh, but we have,” I said while I was unlocking the car.

“I love you,” he said, taking me by surprise.

“I don’t want your kind of love. But I’m sure others will be thrilled to have it,” I replied.

“Leda wait!” he yelled at me and grabbed my hand.

“Let me go!” I said. My hand started hurting.
Instead of answering, he held me tighter and pulled me closer to him again.

“I think she asked you to let her go,” a familiar voice said behind my back. Under any other circumstance, I would feel angry hearing Aaron’s voice, but right now it was my salvation. How ironic? I thought.

“And I think that this is none of your business,” Michael said, looking aggressively at Aaron.

“Believe me, it is,” Aaron replied, sounding equally aggressive. And before I could say or do a thing, Aaron was standing right next to me and Michael. He caught Michael’s hand and with a hold he set me free.

Feeling dazed, I moved slowly away from them. I was feeling even more dazed that Aaron had come to help me, once again; which means that from the attic he had been watching everything that was going on in the yard. But why? His behavior had changed ever since his return. He was a completely different man.

Fearing that my dad and Anna might hear us from inside, I moved closer again.

“Michael, I think it is time for you to leave,” I said breathlessly and they both turned around to look at me.

“We haven’t finished Brownie,” he said and his words sounded like a threat. Nonetheless, he started moving away slowly and silently, leaving me alone with Aaron.

“You’re still with him? So you value yourself only that much,” Aaron said, sounding both disappointed and angry.

“Not that it is any of your business, but I’m not with him anymore,” I replied. I couldn’t believe that a few minutes ago I wanted to thank him.

“So you evolved then,” Aaron stated.

“Don’t say another word. I don’t want to ruin my evening any more,” I warned him and moved towards the car. He was standing right next to the driver’s door.

“Well, actually I think that I am the reason why your evening wasn’t ruined, kiddo,” Aaron said and he smiled ironically.

“I don’t want to argue with you anymore. And even if you were watching from the attic, you needn’t have come and helped me, thank you. And now, please, step aside,” I said and stood in front of him.

He didn’t say a thing. Instead, he moved slowly away towards the house and let me get inside the car. I got in and turned the engine on. Only when I was exiting the yard, I looked at the mirror of the car. I saw Aaron standing at the front door, watching me leave.

© Victoria Moschou. All Rights Reserved 2016-2017.


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