BOOK REVIEW: An Original Story In A Tale As Old As Time!

As many of you may have realised, I am very fond of the classic fairytale of “Beauty and the Beast”. I wrote a fanfic based on the story, read A Court of Thorns and Roses, written by Sarah J. Maas, and watched the magnificent new movie of this tale which is as old as time!

So, when I won Lost In A Book, by Jennifer Donnelly, in a giveaway a few months ago, I couldn’t help it but feel thrilled about this enchanting original story!

In this new story, hidden in the Beast’s library lies a very mysterious book. Belle is about to discover it and visit a fascinating new world, away from this enchanted castle, her prison. Or is it her new home? More importantly though, is everything in that world what it seems? Will Belle be able to find her way back; or will the story take hold of her and never let her go?


As you can see on the picture above, the girl who sent me the book, also sent me a Ravenclaw card and for that I’m so grateful! It worked perfectly as a bookmark!

Returning to the story however, there’s one thing I need to say: this book was flawless! And yes, maybe I’m biased because I adore this particular fairytale and everything that has to do with it, but still I can’t find something negative to write in this review.

The vocabulary was rich and elegant, but not too extravagant. The chapters were quite small but still they were keeping the reader on edge. The characters were oddly familiar, but there were some new entries in the story as well, that made it even better, much more intriguing and charming! Like the two sisters, for instance, whose bet made the story way more interesting than I expected it to be, right from the first chapter!

I absolutely loved Donnelly’s narrations and descriptions, the way she captured every setting, feeling, emotion, and set it free the moment she had to. I also liked the fact that the novel ends in a certain way; making the reader understand that human relationships are an endless race, they need equilibrium, struggle, attenuation at times, but most importantly… LOVE! And yes, there’s a major spoiler here, but those of you who haven’t read it yet won’t realise it!

Spoiler alert No. 2: there’s an Ancient Greek sentence in the novel and I still feel proud even by thinking about it! Like literally, I have goosebumps all over my body!

Basically it says thaIMG_2654t the circumstances bring to the surface our true colours and this is, more or less, what happens in the book, too. Someone learns to care, someone sees with their heart and someone thinks they can always win when this is a complete and utter lie!

I’m not gonna spoil anything else because I do believe you have to read this novel; at least those of you who are fans of this particular fairytale and of the fantasy, young-adult novels!

After a couple indifferent books, there came a novel that really excited me and I wish you feel the same if you choose to read it in the end!

Overall, I wanna thank this amazing author, Jennifer Donnelly, for creating this story inside the story, and my dearest Irene, for sending me the book! If you happen to read this Irene, thousands of thanks-es, hugs and kisses!


This is probably the last innocent review you’re going to read in this blog for a little while. That is because, as the temperature is rising outside, so will the “heat” of the novels in here. Some mature content here and there, some love triangles, some bloody battles… But this is next week’s news!

Till next time… Toodles!

P.S.: Let me know if you read something interesting lately that you think it’s worth reading! Thank you guys!





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