Publishing & Editing: That 3-day workshop that made me realise I have to finish my first draft!

Hello wonderful creatures!

I hope you had a great week, full of wonderful moments and productive days!

As for me, I’m enjoying my summer holidays. Not that I’ve gone somewhere, I still work, but I don’t have classes or any other sort of responsibility. In addition to the fact that the temperature -finally- rose, I can say with certainty that the summer is officially here! Unless you live in New Zealand, but anyway…

Hopefully next weekend will find me doing something like that…


…but for the time being I’m gonna tell you about those amazing three days I had last week. And yes, they totally reminded me why I love writing so much; and why I do need to finish my first, rough draft till the end of summer!

So this year, the British Council in my city, Thessaloniki, along with Kingston University, organised a three-day workshop on publishing and editing, hosted by the wonderful, funny, sweet, one-of-a-kind Judith Watts, more information about whom you can find by following that link!

The workshop was focusing mostly on the current opportunities in publishing and was designed to help every aspiring author assess how to share and get paid for their writing in a global market place. The workshop format taught us the processes for improving and editing our work, sending out submissions, getting an agent and approaching publishers.

Honestly, if you had asked me last year what I need to do to get an agent, I’d have told you “Find a genie which will grant me three wishes:

  1. Get me the best book agent in the whole wide world.
  2. Make my book get published by my favourite publishing company (the one which thrives in YA fantasy fiction novels).
  3. Make the people either love or hate it.

After this course though, I know that nothing is impossible; after all, the word “impossible” hides deep inside it the sentence “I’m possible”!

Judith gave us the tools to start editing our WIPs, showed us the way to create the best manuscript we can, do some proofreading, write an intriguing synopsis and so many more stuff. I don’t know if the rest of the wonderful people I met there will use all those things we’ve learned, but I most certainly will!

What can I say? I’m an organiser! And when I see stuff like that, I get excited!


Mostly though, I got excited -thrilled to be exact- because Judith said that I’m actually a very good story-teller! WooHoo! To hear something like that from that woman was, I don’t know, my way-too-early Christmas gift!

Now I’ll definitely try to finish the first draft of my current WIP by the end of August, so I can send it to her! And who knows? Maybe next year I’ll be talking about a contract!

If you wanna thrive, you gotta dream big! So that’s what I do!

But I also write like a maniac these past few days and I’m super excited with the unfolding of the plot!

Don’t worry… You’ll get to know more about this project somewhere towards the end of summer!

And now that I mentioned it, how would you feel about a YA fantasy fiction novel about a young male Loup Garou and a bunch of other tough bitches, who are either trying to help or kill him?

Yeah, I know… I swear a lot lately! Pardon me, folks!

Let me know what you think in the comment section down below!

Also, if you’re interested in the British Council’s events, you can follow this link. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting!

So, that’s all from me for today!

How was your week? Was it fun? Was it tough? Did you do something fun? Did you read something interesting?

Of course, you can ignore all those questions if you think I mumbled a lot and made you get bored; something which is almost impossible, right? 😝

But till next time… Toodles!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. The workshop sounded really helpful! It sounds like it gave you extra motivation (I say extra because it sounds like you already have heaps of motivation anyway lol) and it sounds like you also got some really good feedback!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really helpful and fun! I really had a great time! And yes, it gave me extra motivation! Hopefully, I’ll hit my word goal by the end of summer! When I upload a sample of chapters, do remember to send me your feedback, too! 😉😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely will 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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