Game of Thrones: Thoughts & Theories regarding the 7th Season!

Hello wonderful people of Westeros and of every corner of the world in general!

Winter is here, at last! Or so it is in Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands… Actually, how cold is it there right now anyway? For here in Europe that heat was freaking unbearable and I was honestly thinking of moving my bed right across the refrigerator! That until last weekend’s and Monday’s storm…

With the refrigerator I’d probably be able to face Khaleesi’s dragons and their freaking fire! But apparently that Stormborn got me!


As some of you may’ve noticed, I did a poll on my Twitter account regarding which book series you’d like to see on the blog. Well, apparently Game of Thrones sat on the Iron Throne!

Now folks, tell me; wasn’t this season’s premiere epic or what?
It always bothers me a little the fact that we have to wait A WHOLE YEAR to watch the next season, but every time the results are mesmerising, so I remind myself that patience is a virtue! Even if this is probably the last season of Game of Thrones!

I mean, come on! That opening scene… I freaking loved it! Plus, when is Ed Sheeran going to release his new song? I really enjoyed it!

Back to the books though, as most of you already know,  A Song of Ice and Fire is a book series of epic fantasy, written by George R. R. Martin. A Game of Thrones is the first novel of the series and HBO was smart enough to make a TV series based on the books! For there are seven of them; five already published and two that are forthcoming -hopefully- in the near future!


Fingers crossed for the publication date of The Winds of Winter sometime in early 2018. I’m not foolish enough to believe that it’ll be published till the end of 2017, especially after what George R. R. Martin wrote on his blog (which is Not A Blog).

Until then though, let’s see in more depth some super interesting and fascinating theories regarding the seventh season of the TV adaptation. And once I’m done with my theories, you can tell me yours as well!

Let’s go and have a little chat then, shall we?


1. Cersei becomes the Mad QueenAfter declaring herself “Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms”, the chances of Cersei becoming some sort of reincarnation of Aerys Targaryen, aka the Mad King, are pretty high if you ask me.

I mean, come on! The woman has lost her children! And as much as she loves her twin brother, that can’t be enough to keep her from losing sanity! Not to mention that Cersei was a plotter, a trickster, in plain words a vindictive witch bitch since day one!

She always wanted to sit on the Iron Throne, even if it’s probably the least comfortable chair in the whole wide world! She’ll sit on the Iron Throne. Until Daenerys comes. Or until…

2. Jaime kills Cersei: Remember that prophecy regarding Cersei’s kids and how her “Valonqar” will kill her. I still think that might be Tyrion, but what if it refers to Jaime, after all? I mean, he’s Cercei’s twin, little brother! He was born a few minutes after her!

Plus, we cannot forget that Jaime sort of freaked out when he last saw Cersei taking the crown. Also, he wasn’t called “Kingslayer” for nothing. And finally, what if the other little brother…

3. Tyrion is indeed a Targaryen: We’ve been talking about this for years now. What if Jon Snow isn’t the only Targaryen? Aside Daenerys of course. What if Tyrion is indeed a “dragon”; after all Danny has three of them. It kinda makes sense.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. Along with…

4. Jon Snow is the Warrior of the Light: Melisandre had said that Azor Ahai, or the Warrior of the Light, will have dragon blood. Considering the fact that Jon Snow seems to be a Targaryen, after the revelations of season 6, that seems pretty possible, too.

Plus, not really a theory but more like a biased and hopeless thought of mine, what if Jon Snow and Daenerys end up together? It won’t be the first time the Targaryens commit incest after all…


You will ask why I haven’t mentioned any of the Stark children now, won’t you? It is because the Starks are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE house and I don’t wanna jinx anything. I want Sansa and Arya and Bran to live happily ever after. Yet, I know that this is Westeros we’re talking about and things like “happy endings” don’t exist.

Yet, I’m so looking forward to see what this new season is gonna get for minor characters, too; such as Sam Tarly for instance. Oh, I always liked that guy. Don’t you? He’s loyal and trustworthy. I do hope he plays some major part in the future! I do hope he holds the key to some serious answers; especially now that he’s at the Citadel!

So, what do you guys think? Did you watch the premiere? Did you like it? What do you expect the seventh season will bring? Do you have any theories of your own? Are you looking forward to the new books of the series? More importantly, will we be alive when they get published? 😝

Let me know by commenting below. And if you liked this post, feel free to vote and share, so that others can share their thoughts and opinions, too!

Till next time… Toodles!


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