July Favs

Hello wonderful people and welcome back to this hot, summer-ish, full of books and cupcakes blog-land; my Victorious Pages!

I still can't believe there's only one month left till the summer officially comes to an end. But then again, August is traditionally my family's "holiday month" so I'm super excited to see what it has up its sleeve. Is that even an expression that can be used for a month? I don't know…

Anyway… July was a kinda strange month with many ups and downs, WIP updates, Camp NaNo, many free books and gifts, emotional breakdowns, rejection e-mails, doctor's appointments, good movies, bad movies, a few purchases, interviews' scheduling and master thesis's updates. And, of course, the new look of the blog, which I hope you guys like!

Don't worry! I'm not gonna talk about all those stuff; just my favourite ones!

All you have to do is sit back comfortably and follow me to my July's flashback!


First in the list of my favourite things for this July is, of course, Camp NaNo! Camp NaNoWriMo is, like I mentioned in yesterday's post, a virtual writing retreat, designed to provide the community, resources and tools needed to complete any writing project, novel or not. This project is probably the reason I managed to make such a progress on my current WIP, and the reason why I'll probably be able to have my first draft ready by the end of August!

And this is obviously my second favourite thing; the fact that for the first time in my life, I managed to create something that I believe it's worth sharing. Something that I cherish and worship deeply, a story that I do hope you guys will love as much as I do when you get to read a sample of it!

For this accomplishment though, I gotta thank my family and boyfriend who always stand by me and keep me motivated, as well as my favourite authors who remind me that the expert in everything was once a beginner!

Just like Anissa and Michael were about a year ago when they started FairyLoot.

As you probably have noticed, FairyLoot is one of my favourite monthly subscription boxes and, while waiting for my July box to arrive, I couldn't help myself but buy the August box as well, especially when I found out the theme; OTHERWORLDS!

Before going any further, I'd like to personally thank Chris, from FairyLoot's order support team, for helping me with some issues I had! You guys have the coolest and kindest staff EVER!


And now, as the FairyLoot team states on their website, "The August ‘Otherworlds’ box celebrates other fictional worlds, or fictional worlds within our normal world. If you’re a fan of A Court of Mist and Fury, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Peter Pan then you are going to love this box!"

That was all I needed to know! And I was hooked! I believe they have sold out by now, but FairyLoot always keeps a limited amount of boxes for late purchases, so keep an eye on their social media or check their website by following the link provided above!

Thanks to FairyLoot my TBR will grow a little bit, since this month I managed to finish all four of the physical books that were left in it; A Court of Wings and Ruin, by Sarah J. Maas, Nevernight, by Jay Kristoff, The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern (the book that struggled me the most this month), and Carve The Mark, by Veronica Roth.

Yes, I bought them in June but I read the first two in June and the last two in July because there were some totally indifferent books that I had to finish first.

Favourite book review of the month is OF COURSE the one about A Court of Wings and Ruin, because G! What a book! I can't wait to see what the next three books of Sarah J. Maas are going to be about. Fingers crossed of course for some Nesta and Cassian love. Or Lucien… I can live with Lucien's story, too!

But, those aren't the only books I got to read this month. My dearest and super talented Lynn S., whose books can be found by following the link provided, was kind enough to send me two digital copies of her books A Court for Fairies and A Curse of Glass and Iron. And yes, the titles might seem similar to Maas's ones but the books are completely different and I can't tell you how much I loved them!

So, apparently, you're gonna read some super interesting reviews during August that, hopefully, will help you decide what kind of books you wanna read this fall!

As for me, I definitely wanna start reading the Throne of Glass series because I was postponing it since forever and I've run out of excuses! I have to read those books!


That will happen if I keep making such great progress with my master thesis. For in July three of the most amazing and loved monthly-subscription-boxes' owners agreed to help me, not only with my master thesis, but with the blog concept, as well; and for that I am truly grateful!

You'll get more details about this later during the year.

As for my favourite movie of the month, I didn't watch as many as I watched in June or even May, but that was Tomorrowland. I know many people said it was cheesy and George Clooney was kinda lame in this one but, honestly, I really liked it!

I thought it had a message to send, it was funny, it had some seriously epic quotes and it had as many sci-fi elements and features as needed. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a cool, teenage movie to spend a Saturday afternoon at home.


Finally, my favourite TV series of July was, of course, Game of Thrones! I am so thrilled, you have no idea! What a great premiere for the seventh season! Especially when I found out that those last scenes' shooting happened in Greece, I don't know, I felt so proud! It's not every day a production as HUGE as Game of Thrones chooses to come in your country!

I hope you guys watched the premiere as well, and the second episode, of course. If not, you've got time to catch up! Till tonight…

So, that's all that happened in July.

How was your month? Any good books? Movies perhaps? Anything interesting that you'd like to share?

Let me know by commenting down below!

I hope you all have an amazing August, full of happiness and prosperity!

Till next time… Toodles!





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