15. Nightmare

“My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

~Suzanne Collins

My cell phone started ringing and I jumped up inside the bathtub. I had fallen asleep. And from a large number of crazy dreams I could’ve seen, I had seen the craziest of them all! Or the most perverted. Maybe I really did need psychotherapy. That or my subconscious had a funny and twisted sense of humor!

I got out of the bathtub quickly and wore my bathrobe. I picked up my cell and it was Jim.

“Hey…” I said weakly.

“Is it ok if I come in about an hour? If I stay a little bit longer at home, I may fall asleep. Our boss is crazy! We were running all day long!” he started mumbling.

“Hmm… Yeah, sure. No problem. What time is it now?” I asked, still feeling a little woozy.

“Half past three. Were you sleeping?” he asked.

“I guess I closed my eyes for a little while,” I replied

“So, what shall I do? Shall I call the others and come around five at your place?” Jim went on.

“Yeah, it’s perfect. I’ll have time to make us something to eat, as well,” I said.

“So it’s settled. I’ll see you at five,” he said and he hang up the phone.

I put the phone down and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Your mind seems to be way more out of balance than you think, Brownie!, the judgemental voice inside my head said. And it might be right. I looked flushed.

I really wanted to believe that the hot water had caused that. But no. A part of me wanted to see what was going to happen after Aaron had pulled me closer to him.

As the memories of the dream started fading away, the whole thing started to seem like a really bad porn movie, with a touch of problematic family relations.

“You really need to rest!” I said as I was still looking at myself through the mirror. And with those words, I walked out of the bathroom, while I was trying to pull myself together again.


I managed to calm myself down from that indescribable dream of mine, I got dressed and went down to the ground floor. The silence inside the house, which was being disturbed simply by the sound of the raindrops, was the greatest gift I could ask for at this particular moment.

My friends would come shortly and I didn’t want to be the one feeling blue and nervous. After all, the reason why I was feeling nervous was not important at all. It was just a dream. Or, to be exact, a nightmare. It meant nothing, I whispered inside my mind and felt much better.

As the time was flying right in front of me, I decided to cook something easy, yet tasty. I moved towards the fridge to see what kind of ingredients I could use, when the ringing of the phone stopped me.

I ran inside the hall. Looking only for an instant the caller ID, I picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I said.

“Good afternoon. Anagnostou residence?” I heard a thin voice say.

“Yes. Who am I speaking with?” I asked.

“I’m calling from Saint Lucas Memorial. Your brother had a small accident,” the thin voice said.

In a few seconds, a thousand thoughts popped up inside my mind. A car crash? What had happened to Eugene? Was Cleo all right? Why was this nurse telling so roughly such news? Would I manage to inform my friends that there had been a change of plans? Would I be able to go to the hospital as soon as possible?

My inner monologue was going on without an end.

“Miss? Can you hear me?” the nurse asked anxiously.

“Sure. I can hear you,” I replied.

“You don’t need to worry. Your brother is not hurt. You just have to come and pick him up. I’m sure you understand,” the nurse with the thin voice went on, like she was telling to a friend of hers the latest gossip.

“I understand. I’ll be there as soon as possible,” I replied and hang up the phone.

In a few minutes I had called Jim and Effie to inform them about Eugene’s accident. They both volunteered to come with me to the hospital, but I told them they should not worry.

I quickly took with me only what was necessary, money, health booklet, cell phone and keys, and went straight at my car.

The ferocity of the rain had decreased. Nonetheless, it was still quite dangerous to drive in the city. I did not like to drive while it was raining. It was raining the day mom and I were together in the car. Thinking about that, I moved carefully outside the house yard. I might need more time to get to the hospital, but at least I’d be there safe and sound.

Thankfully, there were no traffic jams at the ring road. I was at the parking lot of Saint Lucas Memorial in less than twenty minutes.

I hurried into the reception of the Casualty Department. A middle-aged man, with glasses and obvious signs of baldness was sitting at the reception desk. He seemed extremely bored.

“Hello. My name is Leda Anagnostou. My brother had an accident,” I said, trying to keep my tone as secure as possible.

“Just a second, please,” he said and he started typing on the computer in front of him.

“Of course,” I replied.

“There is no patient with that surname,” he said a few seconds later.

“What do you mean? A colleague of yours called earlier and told me that my brother had an accident and he was transferred here,” I replied. Things started getting pretty messed up.

“Miss, I’m telling you, there is no patient with that surname on the books of today’s medical emergency,” the receptionist insisted.

“So, you wanna tell me that there was no accident? No car crash? Nothing?” I asked. My patience was reaching its limits.

“Just a small car crash. Three men. But none of that name,” he replied drily.

And then, out of nowhere, I realized.

“Did any of those men is named Aaron Preston?” I asked. I could feel my anger rising up from some dark place inside of me.

“Let me see. Oh, yeah!” he said.

Before I could say another word, Aaron appeared from somewhere inside the hospital. Three of his right hand’s fingers were placed in a splint and there were a few scratches right over his left eyebrow.

I don’t know how or why, but what I did afterwards was completely subconscious. This afternoon’s dream popped up inside my mind. I moved closer to him. He was standing still, and huge as always, in front of me.

“Sorry if I scared you, sis,” he whispered.

“Bend over, please,” I said.

Feeling a little lost, he did exactly as I said. And I slapped him.

He looked at me feeling totally astonished, but he did nothing else. And then I hugged him.

“You, jackass!” I whispered.

© Victoria Moschou. All Rights Reserved 2016-2017.


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