Greek Gods of Olympus Book Tag

Hey lovely people and welcome back to another book tag!

I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this particular tag but I am Greek and the questions seemed so appealing to me, that I couldn’t let this just pass by.

So, without further ado, let’s start the Greek Gods of Olympus book tag!

I originally came across this tag on Piéra’s BookTube channel and you can check out her video by following this link.

Before doing this though, read this post till the very end because some of you will be tagged to do the same! 😉 You’ve been warned…

Question 1: Zeus ~ Name your favourite fictional leader, good or bad

Oh, I know… My favourite fictional leader is… Voldemort! Oh, yeah! The guy is a total a** but still he managed to gather around him an extremely large group of people, who, not only they did whatever Voldemort was asking them to, but also they never questioned whether this was the best they could do with their lives.

HELLO! Most of you ended up in Azkaban and that was a merciful end! 😈

You could’ve made so much more with your lives. Instead, you chose this beauty…


Then again, I have to give him some credit because he was a prefect, during his Hogwarts days. Yes, my inner Ravenclaw is impressed by that! 🦉🦅

Question 2: Hera ~ Who are your favourite fictional parents?

And for that I will -of course- go with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, who managed to bring up 7 kids relying solely on Mr. Weasley’s wage. Plus, they kept inviting Harry and Hermione at their home EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER! They didn’t have to, you know, and still they did!


The most important thing though is that they taught their kids values and honour and kindness and bravery and love! And that’s what true Gryffindors are all about! 🦁

Question 3: Demeter ~ What fictional food would you like to try?

I’m currently on a diet so I’d really like to try lembas bread, simply to see if a single bite can sustain me for as long as Legolas had said.


Question 4: Poseidon ~ Name a book where water is central, either in setting or plot.

That’s an easy one… I’m gonna go with… Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare, because we’re talking about a kingdom by the sea and, as much as I didn’t like The Mortal Instruments series, I absolutely LOVE The Dark Artifices series, and I’d gladly move into the L.A. institute!

Not for Julian, as some of you may think, but for Mark!

Cassandra Clare, if you’re reading this, I’m craving for a happy, happy, happy ending for Mark! He’s faced enough already!


Question 5: Dionysus ~ Which character would you most like to have a party with?

Do I have to pick just one? 🤔

I’d like to party with Magnus Bane, for his killing cocktails, Cassian, for his smart-mouth and sassy humour, and Rose Hathaway, so I’d have someone who could truly understand me!

Question 6: Apollo ~ Either, name a great debut book (so an author’s first published work) or name a first book in a series you really enjoyed.

Hmmm… I would expect something different related to Apollo but anyway… That’s actually a tough one.

All right, all right… I’m gonna go with a classic answer; the novel that made me fall in love with reading in the first place. Which, surprisingly, aside from being the first book in a series, it is also a debut novel.

And that is, apparently, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by J. K. Rowling!


Question 7: Artemis ~ “Of all the Greek goddesses, she was the most self-sufficient, living life on her own terms, comfortable both in solitude and in holding the reins of leadership.” * Who is your favourite female heroine?

I can’t just pick one… I love three female heroines, equally, for different reasons.

  1. Hermione, because she made me realise that reading can actually save the day sometimes! People used to tell me that I read A LOT, but it didn’t really matter to me. And that is because when a millipede bit my mother, I knew what we had to do because I had read a relevant book on how to deal with insects’ bites!
  2. Rose Hathaway, because she showed me what my weaknesses are; I can be hot-tempered, sassy, smart-mouthed and I can act as a total b*&%# sometimes, simply to cover and hide my own insecurities. I used to do that quite frequently when I was younger but not anymore. As Rose became more mature, so did I!
  3. Luthien Tinuviel, because, even if she’s less known than other characters of Tolkien’s works, she is a strong, fierce and independent woman. And, to be honest, I’d really like to become like her one day!

Question 8: Athena ~ Name a character who is wise.

Ok, now, you really don’t expect what you’re gonna read next!

I think Pantalaimon is a very, very wise character! Whose Pantalaimon, you may ask? Well, he’s Lyra’s daemon of course, from His Dark Materials series, written by my favourite Philip Pullman!


And the reason why I think Pan is wise, is because he managed to keep Lyra centred and focused for a very long time, even when they weren’t together! He was basically showing Lyra her feelings, so she could deal with them, learn from them and become stronger and wiser herself!

So, thumbs up for that white-furred ermine, who settled into a red-gold-furred pine marten!

Question 9: Hermes ~ If you could travel to any fictional setting (real world or fantasy) where would you go?

Oh, man… You don’t even have to ask me that! First stop, Hogwarts! Next up, Velaris! Final stop, Rivendell!

The reasons are obvious, I presume…

Question 10: Hephaestus ~ If you could have any fictional tool made (for example a weapon or a gadget), what would you want?

Oh! Oh! Now we’re talking! Well, I’d like to have a Sneakoscope, as large as Moody’s preferably! Or a Secrecy Sensor, so I could detect secrets and lies! Those two could be very handy!


Question 11: Ares ~ What is your favourite fictional battle?

The Battle of the Five Armies, duh… The Hobbit contains some of the most epic battles in literature, so again, I’ll stick with what I love, and that is the fictional world of J. R. R. Tolkien!


Question 12: Aphrodite ~ What is your ultimate ship (the characters do not have to be from the same book)?

Ok, I’ll go with the first couple that pops into my mind and that is… Feyre and Rhys! Thanks a lot Sarah J. Maas for forcing my standards to become as high as the Everest peak!


Question 13: Hades ~ If you could petition Hades to bring any fictional character back from the dead who would you choose?

You’re joking, right? No? Do you really want to crash me? 😭😭😢

Very well then…

Dear Hades,

If Persephone is close and you’re feeling largehearted today, could you please bring Professor Dumbledore back from the dead? I still cry and feel devastated while reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!


Ms. Victorious.

P.S.: If it’s not too much to ask, cure his curse, too! 😘

There… Happy now?

Question 14: If you could be a God/ Goddess of anything what would you want to be and what do you think would fit your personality? These do not have to be the same.

As I’ve mentioned many times already, I consider my hometown to be a kingdom by the sea! Also, I’m a Scorpio, so the most appropriate power that would fit my personality would be to be able to control the waters; all kinds of them.

So, yeah… I’d like to be Amphitrite, sea goddess and consort of Poseidon!


This was my Greek Gods of Olympus book tag and now I think it’s time to tag some of you to do the same!

  1. Naty, from Naty’s Bookself
  2. Jane, from Jane Kelsey
  3. Noriko, from Diary of a Bookfiend
  4. Ayunda, from Tea & Paperbacks
  5. And Lolsy, from Lolsys Library

So, that’s it for today!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Feel free to share your own choices in the comment section below, if you like!

Also, don’t forget to vote, share and subscribe, so others can come and join us here!

Thank you all for stepping by! I most certainly don’t take you for granted!

Till next time… Toodles!



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  1. This sounds like fun!

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    1. Looking forward to reading your answers! 😉

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      1. I’m going to enjoy doing this one =D

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  2. Naty says:

    I hadn’t seen this tag before, it is so much fun!! I loved your answers so much – His Dark Materials is still one of my favorite book series ever!! And oh my god, I ship Rhys and Feyre so hard! I’m currently finishing the third ACOTAR book and it’s sooooooo ❤ Thank you so much for the tag, it will be very fun to answer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you discovered this tag thanks to my blog! 🤗 His Dark Materials is such an epic series and I’m so glad there’s a new book revolving around this universe!
      As for Feyre and Rhys, I guess we have to wait almost 10 month’s for the upcoming novella!
      So looking forward to reading your answers! ☺️

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