The Auras’ Chest – Chapter 2 (I told you it might grow into an actual WIP)

Hello awesome bookworms and welcome back to another blue (might even be another colour) Monday.

Last week, I shared with you my latest short story; The Auras’ Chest! Well, as you’ve probably figured out by the title, it’s not that “short” anymore, since today I’m gonna share with you… the second chapter!

So, sit back comfortably and get ready to find out some more details about Aurora’s world!

Chapter 2

I stood frozen in front of the Gate of the Ghosts, unable to believe what had just happened; what I had let to happen. It seemed like hours, ages, eons… I was just standing there because the alternative was something I didn’t even want to think about. What would I do? How would I return home, ordinary, without having mastered one of the main Elements?

It was only when the eerie song had vanished that I recalled how that invisible being had called me. Guardian… I had never read or heard of something like that before, in all the years of my training. We were all called Priestesses and Preservers by the common folks, but never Guardians. There must have been some sort of mistake. The being must have been wrong.

The men of our tribe were the guardians, that’s why we lived separately. They were protecting the Humdrums from hurting themselves and one another, protecting us from them, for the common people had forgotten who they should worship and pledge their faith, their loyalty to. I couldn’t blame them though… Gold and power and authority were too great of gods to be ignored.

I didn’t have much more time to think about that. Suddenly, the darkness of the woods was illuminated by a red flash, a mist that was moving fast, flowing between the trees, the plants and the deadly herbs and blossoms.

It was like I was wide awake again after a really long time. A crazy idea started taking shape inside my mind, as I started running behind the mist, following it in a trivial conquest. An idea that would either doom me once and for all, or it would carve my name in golden letters in the history of Rondure; I would catch them all, if it was the last thing I’d do!

I couldn’t let the Humdrums die because of me. I couldn’t let anyone die because of me. I wouldn’t! I would catch all the mists, the auras as the being had called them, and place them back inside the chest. Even though I didn’t know to which direction the rest of them had flied… Even though I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to catch those airs and smokes with my own bare hands…

But I would try; that was for certain!

I followed the red mist, my black, silk tunic slithering upon the moist ground. The autumn leaves rustled as I kept walking through the woods, avoiding the Traps of Despair, one of the most ancient and most dangerous herbs that were growing in the Forests of the Fiendish. Yet for those who weren’t accustomed to those deadly plants, the Traps of Despair looked exactly like Dicentra Formosa, also known as Bleeding Heart, the flower of love, passion and lust.

Suddenly, the mist stopped moving, flashing much more intensely than it did before. That was when I heard them… Those voices that were one with the aura, coexisting and singing to each other, a song that only lovers would dare to sing.

Of course, I couldn’t be sure if lovers could feel hurt, broken, betrayed, happy, ecstatic, desperate, healed, full of joy, all at the same time. Because that’s what the song was talking about;  about how love was never easy, but people were always trying to find and feel it. About how love was everlasting, living for all eternity in our hearts, first flowing like a little brook inside our souls, then like a torrent!

And I couldn’t be sure because I’d never had the chance to even think about love. All I knew was that for the first time in my entire life I felt goosebumps spreading upon my entire body. All I knew was that if I ever were lucky enough to meet Love, Eros as Mother called it, I would like it to feel that way!

Lost as I were in my thoughts, I only managed to capture with my peripheral vision the red flash disappearing again deep inside the darkness of the forest. It was moving with immense, unnatural speed. Taken aback for just a split second, I started running as fast as I could, holding that little box of trouble tight upon my chest.

My ribcage hurt like hell and I was gasping for air by the time I got in one of the hundreds of clearings that existed in those woods. But that wasn’t just any clearing… That was the Oracle’s clearing! I could see his little hut, almost entirely covered with red rosebushes… And right atop it, the red mist sparkling brighter than the sun, the moon and the stars of the entire realm of Rondure!

I averted my eyes, but it was my ears I should’ve protected, for the next second the red mist crashed upon the Oracle’s hut and a loud shriek reverberated in the clearing!

By the Valiant Four! He can’t be dead! I whispered inside my mind and started walking towards the hut, afraid of what I might see, but also intrigued, for if I knew what I were up against, I would have much more chances to capture the rest of the mists once I ran across them; if I ever ran across them…

I knew this was a foolish and reckless idea, since I didn’t know what I’d see, but I padded towards the little house anyway. I stood in front of the wooden door, holding the chest tight against me, feeling the rubies vibrating all of a sudden.

I reached for the flowery, silver knob. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, my pulse accelerating by the second, my blood flowing furiously inside my veins. I was only inches away from turning the knob and opening the door of the hut.

Suddenly, the door opened from the inside of the house and I came face to face with the most beautiful man I had ever seen! But then again, the men I’d seen since I was a little girl weren’t that many… Yet right before me stood a tall, young man with olive skin, black hair and the most gorgeous golden brown eyes.

Almost like molten caramel, I thought.

But this wasn’t the most extraordinary thing about the Oracle. No… His entire body was reflecting a reddish colour; a red aura!

“Hello Aurora! I wondered when I’d be seeing you!”


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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll see you on the next one!

Till next time… Toodles!

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