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Chapter 24: White Lies

Andrew stared at the other Silver in shock. Doctor Owen. And until that moment, he thought that was his surname. But no… Doctor Owen Silver! Another Silver to worry about. Another enemy… That’s why his scent seemed so familiar in Accalia’s memories that day in the auditorium; because it wasn’t just his scent. It was Pearl’s scent, Professor Silver’s scent, too.

Owen walked closer to them, reaching his hand out toward Andrew in an attempt to greet him properly. Andrew gave him a firm handshake in return. Well now… We’re the ones having the upper hand at last, he murmured triumphantly inside his mind.

“I’m Andrew Ruelle,” Andrew said in a steady voice, not daring to blink his eyes away from Owen’s grey ones.

“Miss Ruelle’s brother?” Owen asked, pure excitement illuminating his face. “I tried to contact her few days ago but she said she had some family emergency.”

“I’m afraid I was the emergency,” Andrew hissed. His temper was rising, the flame of rage burning through his chest. If only there weren’t other students around them… He’d turn right that instant and snap that Silver’s neck. And as his claws would sink deeper into his throat, the Ielele would have their precious Silver blood. They’d be able to brew their potion again. And Andrew… He wouldn’t need to kill the Silver girl.

“So, did you come to look for her again, brother?” Pearl asked, bringing back Andrew from his reverie. She was glaring at Owen; as if the grey iris of her eyes could turn into silver liquid and burn down to the ground both Andrew and her brother.

Owen returned the glare to his sister just for a brief second.

“I suppose it can wait after the Thanksgiving,” he muttered, an artificial smile spreading upon his face once he realised that Andrew was observing him. And he was… Waiting for a word, a reaction that would explain why the hell he wanted to see Accalia.

But before any of them could say another word, footsteps sounded down the hallway. And Andrew froze. Because that feeling that consumed him was even more powerful than any magic either the Fae or the Loups Garous possessed. It was their sacred law. And assuming from Accalia’s vibes towards the Silver brother… she didn’t know who he was.

“Or not…” he signed once he saw Accalia approaching them.

“Owen! I see you’ve met my brother,” Accalia said, her genuine smile reaching her eyes, emerald glows sparkling in those hazel irises.

Could you please control your emotions? He’s not what you think he is, Lia! Andrew screamed inside her head, only to fall upon an impenetrable mind shield.

“Yeah, I have. And I’d like you to…” Owen chocked, as a student elbowed his way to bypass their small group.

“Oh! Sorry man,” the student said, making an apologetic gesture toward Owen and he kept hurrying down the corridor.

And that was all the time Andrew needed.

“Sis, we better get going,” Andrew hissed, taking advantage of the commotion that had preceded. “It’s kind of a long way till Smithers.”

The puzzlement in Accalia’s eyes didn’t stop him from talking her by the hand, pulling her lightly again towards their dorm.

What do you think you’re doing? Accalia screamed inside his head but Andrew’s clutch became firmer as he was practically dragging her to their dorm.

“I’ll see you next week!” Andrew and Owen said simultaneously, the one to the sister of the other. It wasn’t Accalia’s warmth, but the mischievous look upon Owen’s face that caused Andrew’s outburst.

He trailed Accalia with him and barged into their dorm, slapping the door behind them. The dazed look upon his sisters’ faces didn’t ease his anger at all. For an apparent tremor was rippling through his fingers, his claws growing by the second.

Accalia broke loose of his firm grip and glared at him, as she walked closer to Larentia; the only one who had the dignity to look truly horrified.

Andrew bailed his fingers into fists, in a last attempt to soothe his temper.

“What the hell was that for?” Accalia yelled, her face turning more scarlet by the second. That typical vein between her eyebrows was pulsing frantically, proof that she was equally, even more pissed than Andrew.

“When did you two think it would be a good time to tell me that Lia claimed that dickhead as her mate?” Andrew growled, ignoring Accalia’s question completely and fixing his gaze upon his more reasonable sister.

“I honestly don’t understand why you’re so enraged, Andie. It’s not like you know the guy. Or what he’s capable of, for that matter,” Accalia purred, looking right through him toward the direction where they’d come, all dreamy and flashed.

“Oh, I can show you better than I can tell you! Believe me,” Andrew hissed, pouring out towards his stock-still sisters.

He grabbed their forearms, his claws still apparent, scratching slightly his sisters’ skin. And though they grimaced as scarlet marks spread upon their flesh, their flinch when Andrew showed them his most recent memory imprinted over their entire body; for the words echoed as loud as the image pounded in the walls of their minds.

Hi. I don’t think we’ve formally introduced. I’m Owen. Owen Silver.

Accalia twitched back, cutting loose from her brother one more time. And as the shivering spread all over her body, Andrew focused for the first time the day on her eyes. Bitter, hot tears were flowing down her cheeks, the emerald colour of their heritage vaguely visible, like something had died inside her. Her lips turned into a thin line, trembling uncontrollably. For when eventually she tried to speak, she choked the words out.

“This can’t be… You’re lying…” Accalia mumbled between her sobs, shaking off of her Larentia’s hands. Andrew hadn’t realised when his older sister broke free, too, and placed her hands smoothly on Accalia’s back.

“Why would he do such a thing, Lia?” Larentia whispered, taken aback by Accalia’s distancing. “Better now than later. At least now we know what we’re up against,” she went on.

But before Accalia could answer, a knocking sounded on the dorm’s door. And all of them froze up, afraid that maybe Owen had decided he couldn’t wait till after Thanksgiving.

Andrew shuffled towards the door, reaching for the handle hesitantly. He was afraid whom he might face once he’d open the door. When he did, the familiar Silver scent engulfed him, bringing his worst nightmare to life. For he expected anyone but the Silver patriarch, smiling at them wryly from the threshold.

“You monsters have grown weaker over the years. I don’t remember your father being such a romantic soul,” Professor Silver hissed through his teeth, taking a step closer to Andrew.

“And as for your grandfather… Well, I was only a child, but I do remember the grotesque setting into which he turned my family’s country house. How he killed my older brother, leaving nothing but his innards for the vultures to feed upon. How he and his pack of pricks slaughtered my mother, after raping her over and over and over again, making sure that we had heard her screaming,” he roared, lost in a memory, a wound both old and fresh.

And they were lost, too. The three Loups Garous frozen like the Silver patriarch had already killed them. As if they were already dead. Yet Accalia, regardless of all the revelations still being processed in her mind, was the one who snapped out of this daydreaming Professor Silver had dragged them into.

“You want grotesque? You’re gonna have it!” she hissed, serpentine smile altering her features, the irises of her eyes glowing emerald as if the hazel colour in them had never existed.

Everything happened so abruptly. Accalia lunged at the Silver patriarch, her claws already extended, her mouth half-open, drool flowing down her cheek, her fangs glowing snow-white and lethal. As if she knew they’d be painted scarlet seconds later.

Professor Silver jumped out of her way in the blink of an eye, his hand already deep inside the back pocket of his pants, a silver dirk shining deathly inside his palm. And upon his face, the malicious grimace that darkened his eyes scared the living daylights out of Andrew!

For instead of aiming toward Accalia, the Silver father pointed his dagger to Larentia; the down-to-earth, practical sister, who instead of thinking, she had decided to act the worst possible moment. And she threw herself between the dagger and her family.

Andrew didn’t care if people could see or hear him. As the light of the sun grew dimmer and the dread of night started settling where they were, he roared; a primeval, savage roaring.

And that wild rumble made even this skilled assassin hesitate for just a split second. Long enough for Andrew to grab him and pull him down, away from Larentia’s heart, to where his dirk was pointed.

But he was no fool. Though he had lost his balance, Andrew’s claws sinking into his throat, that thick, scarlet and Silver blood damping his shirt, the Silver patriarch swirled his dagger in the air. And the weapon found its target.

Deep, right under her left collarbone, the dagger sank into Larentia’s flesh. And she was on fire. Silver, lethal fire, spreading all over her body, burning her from inside out.

Larentia screamed. Yet her screaming was nothing compared to Accalia’s plangent hoot the moment she realised what had happened; what her only sister had done. The way Larentia was throwing herself against the walls, burning the whole room in her passage, in a desperate attempt to put out this lethal fire. She yelled, frenzy sparkling in those emerald eyes. And that shriek was her swan song.

Yet, it wasn’t the last screaming that echoed inside the alight dorm. As Andrew had pinioned the Silver father to the floor, his claws still deep inside his throat, Accalia jumped atop him. Andrew pulled away. And as she pressed her fangs deep inside his bleeding throat, on each side of his Adam’s apple, she drank the life out of him.

Andrew was instantly right next to her, as the flames were now threatening to bun them alive, too.

“We have to go, Lia. Now!” Andrew screamed, dragging her towards the parlour’s window. Thick smoke was now hovering inside the dorm and from the other side of the door, Andrew could swear he heard people screaming, too.

“I’m not leaving Tia!” Accalia yelled, trying to cut loose of Andrew’s firm grip. But as their sister’s corpse fell down on the floor, silver flames still sparkling all over that beauty that used to be Larentia, Accalia realised it was too late. Too late to go back in time. Too late to save their sister.

Too late to fix things… If he wasn’t my mate… Accalia whispered inside Andrew’s mind.

The windows of the dorm shattered, pieces of glass hurling everywhere inside the room. Andrew took Accalia in his arms, threw himself towards the shattered window and jumped into the void of the night. Too many feet upon the ground for a human to survive.

Luckily for them, they weren’t human. And when they crashed upon the stiff ground, the pain they felt was nothing compared to that hole that seemed like it was punched through their chest. Like something vital was taken away, stolen from them.

Andrew opened his eyes and stared at the night sky. The air was freezing cold, moaning. A blizzard was on its way there, little snowflakes already falling from the sky above. And yet, their former dorm, a burning torch now, was freezing him more to death than anything else.

“I suppose that’s all the college experience you’re gonna get,” Simza muttered, coming out of nowhere. As if she had chosen to appear right that second. As if she didn’t want to save Larentia.

“Just don’t spread the word,” Accalia hissed, sarcasm pouring out with every word she mouthed; her everlasting companion when things turned ugly.

“I’ll try. After all, it won’t be the first white lie I say,” Simza sighed. “Come on! Let’s get you out of here!”

Andrew stared one last time at the burning building, his sister’s corpse melting in there. And then, he was spinning. Away from the place he had thought it’d be their salvation and yet it’d turned out to become a grave.

© Victoria Moschou. All Rights Reserved 2016-2018.


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