Welcome back, my innocent souls, to the City of Sin. The city where casino families reign and gangs infest the streets. The city where secrets are hidden in every shadow.

Welcome to New Reynes, the mischievous city where Amanda Foody’s newest story is talking place.


We’re only a month away from the official release of Ace of Shades, the first instalment in The Shadow Game series, and since my fellow Doves and I are literally killing it and acing this game so far, I decided to take things to a whole new level with… a fan fiction story, revolving around the two main characters of the novel, Enne (as the letter N) Salta and Levi Glaisyer.

Ready, my dearies? Ok then… Take a card and stake your souls! ♠️♥️♣️♦️


Ace of Shades

Enne & Levi FanFic


Autumn was always gloomier in the City of Sin. It was as if the weather itself knew that New Reynes wasn’t just a random city, where gangs of assassins and gamblers, smugglers and cheats ruled the place, leaving nothing for those who were too weak to play.

That’s what Levi Glaisyer thought of Enne Salta when she first arrived there, that she wouldn’t last more than a night in the City of Sin, that she was too weak of a player to win, yet she was still there with him, only hours away from his eighteenth birthday. Of course, it would be like winning fifty thousand volts if he actually made it to his eighteenth birthday unharmed, after all.

“Remind me again, Mr. Glaisyer, why do you keep having a death wish?” Enne asked, her lips pressing into a thin line. “And more importantly, why do you keep asking me to accompany you when you chose to make those kind of wishes?”

A thunderclap echoed inside the narrow alleyway where they were hiding, threatening the incoming of the storm. Still, despite the earsplitting sound and the low illumination from the street lamps, Levi could see Enne’s aura as clear as he would in daylight. It was golden, as always, showing her artistic flair to him, only now fragments of another colour were emerging from her. She was pissed, that he could tell, yet that didn’t stop him from smirking. He always enjoyed driving Enne mad and from the carmine colour that was enlivening her pale face, he knew he was in a good way.

“It’s not a death wish, Miss Salta. Think of it more like an illegal agreement,” he said, reaching out to put an insubordinate wisp behind her ear. “And besides, how many times have I put your life at stake since you made us the extraordinary honour to come visit our maleficent town?”

“Too many to count them now. And you know how my relationship with arithmetic is,” she whispered, yet didn’t flinch the moment his fingers skimmed her ear.

A streak of forked lightning cut across the night sky, momentarily disclosing the thick mass of dark clouds above them. Levi’s stare flew towards the taller buildings surrounding them, his hand still inches away from Enne’s face. There, in the dim shadows of the night, he saw her. Dressed in black, leather clothes, wearing high heels that could pierce you and let you bleed to death, a tall, slim figure was standing at a building’s rooftop, right across the alleyway; right across them.

Another lightning cut the sky in half, illuminating the mysterious figure. Long, platinum blond hair, braided in two thick plaits, that went all the way down till her waste. Scarlet, full lips. Big, icy blue eyes. A Dove… And a smart one, to be fair; for the members of the assassins’ gang were never seen unless they actually wanted to, unless you were dead to them already.

Levi slowly averted his eyes from the Dove, locking his gaze upon Enne. He was the one who had asked her to come with him in the heart of the Casino District. He knew the powerful, influential families there were the least of his problems, though he had to make a deal with one of them tonight. Still, he didn’t expect that the Dove his latest opponent had hired would get to them so fast.

A raindrop fell upon Enne’s cheek, flowing all the way down her face like a single tear. She was looking back at Levi, her eyes glistening with puzzlement, her previous frustration having vanished completely, probably because of what she could read on Levi’s face. Having spent the whole summer with him and being more observant than Levi would ever admit, made her an excellent partner for the plan he had in mind. They would either succeed or he’d stay seventeen forever. Either way, his name would be written with golden letters in the history of Irons.

“On the count of three, you’ll run towards the Ruins and I’ll go all the way down the factories,” Levi whispered, his voice barely audible as another clap of thunder echoed in the night and the storm finally broke. “I will meet you at our district, near the harbour, in fifteen minutes.”

“But…” Enne started, still Levi didn’t let her go any further.

“One…” he whispered, peeping out at the Dove that still stood motionless on the rooftop. He had survived worse than that. He wouldn’t lose now.

“What…?” Enne gasped and this time Levi put his index finger upon her soft lips, leaving her speechless for once.

“Two…” he kept counting, feeling the warmth of Enne’s breath upon his finger. “Three!”

He didn’t wait to see her running towards the northern side of the city, but he knew she was. She trusted him and he trusted her. There was a reason why he was the Iron Lord and that specimen of assassin wouldn’t deceive, let alone kill him.

He was running as fast as his legs allowed him to, his lungs burning for some more air. He took a glimpse above his shoulder, yet the street behind him was empty. The Dove was nowhere to be seen. If only he had realised that earlier… For the assassin had followed Enne instead of him.


Enne Salta was fast. Faster than any of the other Irons, except perhaps Chez. It was as if that kid had wings instead of legs, and the moment the rest of them decided to run, he had already flied. Still, Enne was the only one that could compete with him. And so it didn’t take her by surprise when she glanced behind her and found nobody else walking, let alone running, up the Tropps Street. Besides, who would decide to do such a thing in the pouring rain, except perhaps Levi and herself?

It was almost midnight and the naughty, mischievous inhabitants of New Reynes had all taken their rightful places now; some of them playing roulette, others drinking cocktails Enne couldn’t even stand the smell of, some of them making sure they’d manage to cheat their opponents and others cheat Death himself.

She had slowed down her pace now. Maybe this was just another one of Levi’s tricks and not a deal he had to make. It wouldn’t be the first time after all. Yet, as she was walking down the Olde Towne, the staccato clicks of high heels echoed from behind, much closer than she would like or want to admit.

Ladies should never reveal their emotions. Her mother’s rule echoed inside her head. Still, she couldn’t tame her accelerating pulse nor the blood pounding in her ears, and she was sure her face looked even paler than the moon. If she had learnt anything over the past summer here in the City of Sin was that she could either feel afraid or simply terrified when the sound of footsteps was echoing from behind her in a secluded, dark street.

Once again she quickened her pace and so did the female behind her. Enne’s hair had escaped from her bun, falling soaking wet down her waist, sticking upon her brown, leather jacket and beige, cotton dress. She silently cursed Levi for talking her into this outfit, for, according to him, this would be perfect to tempt his new customer.

The wind was moaning that Enne started getting goose pimples. She wasn’t sure whether this had anything to do with the weather, the female that had been following her for the past ten minutes or the fact that she was now in the heart of the Olde Towne, with the deserted and crumbling buildings.

Enne turned right at the first lane she found, avoiding the main street of the Holy Tones. She would either manage to escape or end up dead. She knew what kind of girl was following her. A Dove; a coldblooded killer with the grace of a maestro, for murders were like symphonies to the members of the assassins’ gang here in New Reynes.

Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her and pulled her inside an old, decaying building, just in time before the Dove turned into the alley herself. Enne took a deep breath, ready to scream, for she didn’t know what was worse, the Dove or the stranger behind her. Still, she didn’t even manage to make a peep. The stranger turned her around and two soft, full, warm lips crashed upon hers, leaving her speechless. Her eyes started from their sockets the moment her vision cleared once more and adjusted to the dark setting around her, let alone the face before her. Levi…

The Iron Lord pulled back, bringing his index finger upon his lips, the moment the clicking of the high heels stopped just outside the building. Enne started counting backwards, trying desperately to soothe her bumping heartbeat. A few seconds later though, the Dove started walking away, leaving the two of them alone and sopping in the stranded edifice.

They didn’t dare to speak for quite some time. Enne had fixed her gaze upon Levi, uncertain whether she should freak out or punch the Iron Lord on the face. Never let anyone see your fear, Lourdes’ words echoed loud and clear. She hadn’t said anything about fury though. And Enne was furious. Not to mention soaked to the bone.

“What were you thinking?” she whispered, feeling the acidulous taste of gall at the back of her throat. “Now I am certain that you have a death wish.”

“Things don’t always go as planned, my sweet, innocent dancer,” Levi said, a smirk spreading upon his olive face. “I believe there’s a new Don in New Reynes. And we’ll have to cheat him, just like we did with the previous one.”

“Not this mantra of yours again… Life isn’t always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well!” Enne murmured, seeing Levi’s smirk growing wider into an actual grin.

“You still have plenty of things to learn, Miss Salta,” Levi whispered. “I have to admit it though… This was the best eighteenth birthday I could’ve ever asked for!”

Enne felt the warmth of colour invading her cheeks and she was grateful for the darkness around them. She knew Levi wasn’t talking about the incident with the Dove. There was this other incident also. Too bad it wouldn’t happen again.

“All I need now is my present,” Levi whispered, as if reading Enne’s thoughts. “You know I’ll manage to persuade you some day to dance only for me…”


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I really hope you chose wisely with which gang you’re gonna team up with! 😏

The DOVES ACE IT! And they always get what they want! We’ll make sure you’ll survive in the City of Sin! ♠️♦️♣️♥️

I wanna thank my fellow Doves for trusting me enough to write this fanfic and dearest Amanda Foody for creating this eerie, mysterious and fabulous world! I couldn’t have done this without you, dearies!

Lastly, for a chance to win a copy of Ace of Shades, make sure you follow that link to participate in the giveaway my fellow Dove, Austine, is hosting!

Thank you all for being here once again! I most certainly don’t take you for granted!

Till next time… Toodles!


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  1. Amazing Vic! Now I’m wishing for a fanfic that would show us the other incident and a fanfic stating Enne dancing for Levi 😏 😉

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    1. Well, we’ll… I could come up with something… now that I started it! 😏♠️😉♦️

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  2. bookishinbed says:

    I just reread that and I loved it even more since actually reading the book. It was so well done. I need more. I do hope one day Enne dances for Levi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you so very much! I’m so glad you liked it! I may work on another fanfic soon! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bookishinbed says:

        Omg yes please do. I need my fix lol.

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