Hello awesome nerds and welcome to the final chapter of Lunar Pride!

I hope April treats you well so far! To me, this month has been THE craziest of 2018 so far though I really wanna relax and enjoy the next 15 days to the fullest!


I finally finished the editing of my thesis, which I should have handed in eons ago but my supervisor is such a pain in the a$$ and wasn’t helping me AT ALL, the promotion of Ace of Shades has come to an end, I’m having so much fun with Camp NaNo and my current WIP is being redrafted and edited, that even the long hours at work seem absolutely great!

Still, I can’t help but feel a bit melancholic now that the first instalment of my Loups Garous duology is coming to an end.

No worries though, dearies… I have some really cool stuff coming up for you so you definitely don’t have to worry at all!

All you have to do for the time being, is sit back comfortably and enjoy the final chapter of Lunar Pride!


Chapter 30: Epilogue

Two Loups Garous and two former assassins were weltering in the plump snow, enjoying the normalcy of their life to the fullest, remembering how it felt to be children again. Too much had been lost in such a sort time. But there were many things they’d been gained as well. The hope of a new family, stronger bonds, freedom…

This year would be different, happier. Full of hope and joy and laughter. As last year should’ve been. As every year should be from now on.

The essence of cinnamon cookies, bitter chocolate truffles and molten vanilla-caramel cakes was flowing in the atmosphere. Accalia and Pearl had exceeded themselves. Being inside the kitchen, preparing for this Valentine’s Day dinner was making them feel humans again. Plain. Mundanes. It was also a good distraction; as were the dozens of twinkling lights Andrew had placed all over their back yard and every small and big tree in it.

Extravagance, Accalia had said. Seeing this glow though back inside her brother’s eyes had made her reconsider. Because she knew now. She knew how her Andie was feeling every year when every holiday, small of big, was approaching. She could feel the kind of pain he had felt when he was just a little boy. And he was feeling it ever since. Letting him feel that slice of hope and happiness again was the least she could do. She was still in pain for losing her mother and her only sister, that was for certain. Her mother’s loss, her betrayal, was like a knife place deep inside her chest, twisting and bleeding, until there was nothing left of her. But she wouldn’t let it crush her.

As hadn’t Andrew. Or Pearl, whose father was also dead in a matter of speaking. For if what the Ielele had seen and said was true, the Silver patriarch had ended up to be what he despised the most in his life; a monster!

They had made a promise; to themselves and to each other. To move forward. To make something of themselves. As Louvel and Nacre had done. To maintain their pride, their honour, their family’s heritage. Because as Barbara had said, staying loyal to your family was far greater than staying loyal to the fake nature someone had made you to believe in.

Remembering his mother’s words, Andrew started walking back towards the house. A little piece of paper was lying on the threshold.

Meet me under the next full moon!

He would. So would his sister. So would his former enemies and new allies.

The End!

© Victoria Moschou. All Rights Reserved 2016-2018.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you haven’t read the previous chapters of Lunar Pride, you can do so now, reading the whole novel from beginning to end, by simply following the Monday Mood tag.

Thank you all a GAZILLION times for being here once again!

It means the world that you keep coming back! It makes me wanna give you more and keep entertaining you!

Have a wonderful week, dearies!

Till next time… Toodles! 🌺


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  1. I’m so busy with life but I hope to one day read this and if I never do I’ll still read your fully published novels! So happy for you with all your works.

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    1. Thank you so much, Kitty! And thank you for believing in me and my WIPs! It’s really motivating!

      Liked by 1 person

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