Weekly Wrap Up (4th-10th of June 2018) ~ What a weird week…

I feel like I’ve said that countless times already, but when life gives you lemons, just ask for tequila and salt. I know I do!


Hello awesome nerds and happy Monday!

June started in the worst way possible and basically my month is escalating in a really weird way. I’m no complaining… Weird may be good sometimes. Of course, there are times when weird can freak you out, but that’s when tequila comes in pretty handy!

So this past week was basically packed with work and writing, but also with a few really pleasant surprises!

Last Monday, after finishing from work, I planned out the entire sequel of TAC and for that I am super excited! I’m planning on finishing at least the 2/3 of the second instalment during the month of July, as I will participate, yet again, to the Camp NaNo of 2018!

By the way, what do you guys think of that cover?


Stay tuned for more details regarding NaNo in the upcoming weeks!

On Tuesday, I finally received my May FairyLoot box, SAVE THE KINGDOM, I edited the last five chapters of TAC and wrote the first chapter of its sequel.

Where TAC was mostly plot-driven, its sequel is so character-driven, that I’m officially terrified of what those characters will come up with till I finish the first draft.

I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve been influenced a lot by a specific YA author… 😋


Wednesday was pretty busy, as I had to do some errands for our family business, but I also went to the back to pay the tuition for my FlashFiction course, which starts on June 18th. WooHoo!

Also, I worked on the second chapter of TAC #2, I went for dinner with my friend Theo, and started planning my summer vacation with Apo.

Thursday was the coolest day of the week!

Not only I worked on various blog posts and I’m finally back on track, but I also started working on a really complex chapter of TAC #2, I polished my pitches for #PitMad and… a literary agent faved my pitch, asking me to send her the first 50 (!) pages of my manuscript!



I have already crossed both my fingers and toes!

If it’s not too much to ask, please do send me some positive vibes, you guys!

Friday came at last and though I had, yet again, issues with the internet provider (I know, it has gotten old), I managed to sent a few more query emails, and I also pre-ordered my 20th anniversary Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ravenclaw Edition!

Have you guys pre-ordered your copies yet?


On what comes to this weekend, it was pretty calm. I simply started reading Frostblood, by Elly Blake, which is really good so far, I worked on TAC #2, we got coffee with Apo and went to our dance rehearsal.

No beach for us this weekend, as the weather was once again terrible!

I know it’s a blasphemy to say that, but I really hope the national book expo comes to an end soon! It is custom here in my hometown, that during the weeks of the book expo, it constantly rains, driving everyone nuts!

How about you guys? What did you do last week? 

Have you read Frostblood? Did you like it?


Also, I’m thinking of starting either Beyond a Darkened Shore or Onyx & Ivory. Which one should I read first?

Thank you all for coming here once again!

I hope you have a PHENOMENAL week, y’all!

Till next time… Toodles! 😘


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