🖤 BookBrewed Unboxing ~ DARK ACADEMIA ~ September 2021 🖤

Hello awesome nerds, happy Monday everyone and welcome to a different kind of unboxing!

As many of you know, last February I expanded my business and now I have my very own book-subscription box, BookBrewed.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with monthly subscription boxes, those basically offer services, specifically designed for bookworms. Each month the subscriber receives a new release, as well as a bunch of bookish items, focusing on a specific theme.

BookBrewed is a book box, based in Greece, which however ships worldwide. So far, we’ve only featured books written or translated in Greek, but we’ve recently decided to go even further than that. Which is why the October box, LOVE IS THE ONLY GOLD, is gonna have two books: one in Greek and one in English.

However, today’s post is about everything that was included in the September box. The theme was DARK ACADEMIA and it was perfect for everyone’s comeback to school and academic life.


  1. An exclusive metallic bottle, designed by @booklittledreamer, featuring some dark academia-inspired books, such as Vampire Academy, The Raven Boys, Ninth House and more.
  2. Two exclusive candles, Eliz White, smelling of almond and vanilla, and Nimphea Academy, smelling of cedar and saffron, made my @philyra.candles.
  3. An exclusive door hanger, featuring the smartest witch of her age and designed by @authorsylviamacray.
  4. Two coffee-based recipes, brought by BookBrewed team.


The featured book of the month was The Flame of Eleganti, by Christina M. Psylla, the first book in the Nimphea Academy series.

It is a Greek YA/NA Fantasy novel, following Eliz White, who gets transported to a parallel universe through a magical book. It is perfect for the fans of Vampire Academy and the Winx Saga.

The book was -of course- signed by the author and it also came with a letter from Christina, as well as art on the other side of it.

The feedback I’ve received was far was really good and this truly means the world to me. September was a very demanding month, with many ups and downs, and it feels like a huge reward to know that my hard work has brought joy to many people.

It also feels like a reward and it makes me really happy the fact that you keep coming back here and you keep reading my posts. I will never take your presence here for granted. I really want you to know that.

Thank you all so very much for stopping by once again! Have a wonderful week, awesome people, stay safe and stay positive.

Till next time… Toodles! 🖤

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  1. CJR The Brit says:

    What a great box, congrats!

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